Friday, August 18, 2006

a beautiful package arrived

I was so pleasantly surprised to find this beautiful package waiting for me - by now the people at the Post Office must think I'm running some illicit craft-related ring, I've gotten so many vintage transfers on Ebay and so forth. This is hands-down the loveliest package I've ever received, and it comes from a dear Flickr friend, Olivia. Inside, there was such an assortment of wonderful things (and these are just a few):

cute sullen hamster-ish creature I don't have it!
lovely! I love it!

It was so exciting, unwrapping carefully everything that had been wrapped with such care... Thank you Olivia, for making my week! :) Even Blue Kitty seemed fascinated by the big box, and ultimately found it too tempting to resist:

Blue Kitty cannot contain her excitement

Yes, folks, this is what happens when you don't have a real cat to play with! :)


Gina E. said...

LOL! That is cute! My MIL has a fluffy toy cat/dog thing that she swears is just as cuddly as a cat, and the best thing about it is that she doesn't have to feed it! I thought I'd left a comment on your blog under one of your embroidery photos, but it's gone now (or maybe it never got there...) so I just want to say again - love your stitchings! Especially the pillowcases.

floresita said...

Thanks Gina! Ha ha, I feel the same way about Blue Kitty - I'm not great with pets - too busy and too forgetful to be a good owner...

That's weird - I do remember you making a comment I published, and I can't find it either... Did Blogger eat it? ;( Oh well, thank you for visting me, anyway! :)