Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bonjour, new Kitty

bonjour, originally uploaded by floresita.

So, it was of course impossible for me not to follow up on Blue Kitty with a new little pal. I began stitching this little cat a few days ago, ran out of stuffing mid-way, and re-stocked on stuffing yesterday to finish her. I used the same slacks fragments I used for my stuffed dinos because I liked the very light cream color, and a fancy Italian dress shirt my boyfriend was throwing out for the body:

me + free time = trouble

I stocked up on buttons at, believe it or not, the local Duane Reade (for non New Yorkers: it's a drugstore). Singer makes some decorative buttons which are not a bad deal at 2.50 for about 15 or so matched pairs:

new button stash...

It's kind of funny how very different the two kitties look, even through they were cut from the same pattern - I chalk it up to the different fabrics I used...

new palsNew kitty takes a seat...

In any case, she's lumpy, but I love her! :)

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