Thursday, August 17, 2006

hello there, blue kitty!

I was so excited when I received the Wee Wonderfuls book that I started sewing right away... and 3 long nights of hand sewing later - meet Blue Kitty! :) I've never been one for uber-cutesy stuff, but I love items that are very uniquely cute - like these designs. I was determined to use only materials I already had - I've been buying too many crafting materials lately and wanted to keep this project thrifty...

So, the blue body is made of an old workshirt that shrank too small for me, and that lovely brown plaid is from a skirt I used to love, but which just doesn't fit well. The eye buttons are from my boyfriend's old pair of pants (yes, I asked) and the only thing I bought was the felt pieces, because I don't own any.

closeup on my funky stitches

I'm still a little clumsy with the blanket stitches, so I mostly improvised... In the end, it's a wee bit lumpy, some stitches show through - but it's such a satisfying feeling knowing I made this. I wonder if I would have loved this half as much as a little girl - but as an adult I find her adorable!

in all her glory...

Eh, sorry that grate looks so crusty - he he, totally New York, you know! :)

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