Monday, August 28, 2006

latest stitchings...

latest stitchings..., originally uploaded by floresita.

I like the rather odd creepiness of these old embroidery designs - there's something about their kitschy-cuteness I can't get enough of. I'm curious as to the age of these transfers - having seen a few dated examples on Ebay, I'm inclined to say they're roughly from the 60's. I love the graphic design of that white-on-black Vogart banner and the color illustrations on every front.

I stitched this bunny almost exactly as the illustration suggested because I loved how odd it looked and wanted an odd bunny of my own. I got stalled on the eyes however, yanking out the stitches when I was unhappy with 2 separate tries... I'm also unsure what I'll put this on... a funny apron? A strange pillow? :)

Here is a freebie from the patterns - click on the pic to get to Flickr and view a larger size...Enjoy!

Happy as a...


Laren said...

Hey There,

Nice to see someone else who is hooked on the Vogart patterns! Most date from the 40's, 50's and 60's. I inherited a couple from my Grandmother and have loved them ever since.

I am currently working on a set of tea towels for my sister. One more day (Sunday) to go. I'm doing the Rooster set.

Next up will be a Bluebird set for me.

Love the idea of a tea towel swap.

I'm also thinking about putting up a gallery of all the patterns that are available so people will be able to use it as a reference site.

Come over and visit:

floresita said...

Wow - Laren - I had a similar idea about a pictorial pattern guide - I've been scanning the covers I have, and snagging covers from Ebay when I get a free moment...

I love your roosters, and all the great pics you have of your progress - it's nice to see the order people take in stitching areas and colors!