Thursday, September 21, 2006

blowing dust off old projects

I like this geometric pattern

People ask me how I got into embroidery - I actually used to be a pretty avid cross-stitcher. I would pick up and drop the habit at random. For me, the main detraction to cross-stitching is the meticulous level of effort and time involved! I found myself getting too impatient and bored at doing numerous x's over and over - as a result I have many "started" projects waiting to be finished...

I was very inspired by the designs of Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum - actually by one pattern in particular. The face, clearly modeled on a Pre-Raphaelite heroine was comprised of so many tiny stitches it looked real... This angel, almost completely stitched waits for me in a box in Texas, and I hope one day to finally finish her. Marilyn offers free, small angel designs each Christmas, and I've stitched nearly every one:

finally finished

It is a little therapeutic at times, to turn your brain off and say to yourself "I will now execute 20 rows of cross-stitches in DMC 947..." I found, for the most part, it gave me headaches and made me crabby. :) I love embroidery because in comparison it is so freeing - it lets you give rein to your creativity, and most importantly - I can actually finish all of my projects! But, here, for your viewing pleasure, are two more old projects of mine:

little tree I'm working on... I was thinking of Frida Kahlo


alice said...

I started out with the cross stitch, too. I have several large projects started that will probably languish forever now that I've fallen into embroidery. I still have a weakness for primitive-looking cross stitch samplers, though... :)

floresita said...

I love old-timey samplers, too - I had a vice last winter for collecting sampler books and patterns... and not stitching them. :(

However, when I am ready for that I will have an impressive stockpile! Perhaps I can devise a method of training an intelligent pet to cross-stitch for me? A smoking monkey? Until then, my cross-stitching must wait... :D

lalabaloobah said...

I too started out with cross stitch. With one of those kits for little ones with the big blunt needle. I loved it and still do. But I have to agree, embroidery is so freeing. It's great!