Monday, October 16, 2006

Good Luck Kitty Towel #2

Good Luck on Tuesday

Ok, I realize it isn't Tuesday yet, but I finally finished Good Luck Kitty #2. I say finally, because these kitty dish towels took some time to stitch - I sat down with them 2-3 nights for 2-3 hours each. My favorite thing to do when embroidering is listen to movies... yeah it's usually listening because I find it hard to tear my eyes away while working on something. So, my listening list for this kitty was The Ice Storm with Kevin Kline and For a Few Dollars More. The Ice Storm was much easier to follow but Clint Eastwood flicks get confusing, what with all the whistling music and whizzing bullets. :)

Is anyone curious about the DMC thread colors I use? I'm thinking of adding that to my blog... I'll have to dig the colors up this evening because all I remember offhand is that the red is DMC 666 (yes, those thread makers do have a sense of humor). :) I'm liking the tea towels, but my main beef with them is how hard they are to iron - and I don't look half as cute plugging away with a hot iron as this kitty does! :)


Jenne said...

maybe you'd look cuter while ironing if you made yourself an ironing apron like the kitty has... possibly with an ironing kitty embroidered onto it. :)

I'm fascinated by using cross-stitch as a filler. I bet that's time consuming!!

Rachelle Nicolette said...

Flor! That's hilarious! I've been slowly going through my favorite show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as I've been working on stuff. I love music, but I get bored after a while. Great job on the embroidery! I'm doing some baby onesies for a friend's newborn. I'll make sure to post them up as soon as I'm done. :)

wip said...

Another cute one Flor! I would be interested in the DMC numbers if you posted them.

li li said...

Beautiful, beautiful!!!! ^o^