Saturday, October 28, 2006

haunted house for Mr. Owl

it's Mr. Owl's house!

Mr. Owl was looking pretty lonely, wee little felt creature that he is, so I made him a haunted rowhouse. I'd had the idea in my mind for awhile now, and I was surprised at how easily it came together, and how much I enjoyed stitching it (even though it took at least 3 nights of effort). I wanted the windows to open and reveal more little creatures, so I did just that:

boo! no pumpkin shortage here...

Also, Owl's little door does open and close - a little detail I'm quite proud of:

is there someone at the door?

And it's actually a stuffed card - that opens up to show a greeting:

Happy Halloween!


Eren said...

Flor, I love, love your little owl and his sweet abode. Amazing!!!!! Makes me want to go to my felt stash and whip him up lickety split! Loved catching up on your blog and your inspiring stitching. Blessings!

justine said...

just gorgeous

Sally said...

That is soo great! I love seeing such cool stuff like this. How will you display it? Are you going to give it to someone?

Vidya said...

So great!!! Love love love it!

Gina E. said...

Awww, this is soooo cute! There are so many creative bloggers around; I never tire of looking at all these unique crafty items!

alice said...

That's brilliant! :)

Nicole said...

hola :-) I saw your "shopping cat" tee shirt on Craftster and came to check out your blog... do you know where I can get the pattern for the shopping cat? Everything you've made is incredible!! Lovely!

floresita said...

Hello, all, and thanks so much for your kind comments! ;)

Hey Eren, I would love to see what you cook up! Making this was so much easier than I expected, and entertained me to no end! :)

Thanks Justine!

Thanks Sally - it just arrived at a friend's house today - since it's stuffed it actually stands up pretty well on it's own....

Thanks vidya!

Thank you Gina! I'm so glad you count me as a creative blogger! :)

Thanks Alice! :)

Hi Nicole - I sent you a PM on Craftster - so glad you like the cats! :)

Sandra said...

Soooo cute! Love the card and Mr. Owl!!

sknittymama said...

Flor, I am in AWE of your stitching! Not to mention your amazing owl in his rowhouse... You have inspired me to start yet another hobby. In fact, I have a bid in now on ebay for some Vogart patterns. Can you tell me which tea towels you prefer - MS or Colonial? Also, where do you get your embroidery floss? Thanks so much! Oh, one more question - do you have any recommendations for books that illustrate different stitches?

floresita said...

Thanks Sandra - hope you had a Happy Halloween! :)

Hi sknittymama - I'm so honored that I inspired you! :) I think both the Martha Stewart and Colonial tea towels are of similar quality - it just depends what you want:

Martha Stewart:
"average" dish/ tea towel size
4 to a pack

larger size
7 to a pack
slightly ragged edges on some (can be hidden by clever folding)

As for stitch guides, Jenny Hart has a great how-to on her site:

I also found Sharon's stitch dictionary really helpful for learning more advanced stitches:

li li said...

Wow, what a lovely haunted house and owl!!! ^o^

sweetheartville said...

Just saw this cute little guy on The Softie Awards site. Congratulations on making it to the finals!