Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sir Bear of the Insufficiently Stuffed Neck

meet Sir Bear of the Insufficiently Stuffed Neck....

So, believe it or not I have a very long list of things I'd like to make this Christmas. Now, not being as well-equipped with magic elves as Santa's workshop, we'll see how many projects I'll really churn out... Sir Bear had been waiting patiently, as a few flat cutouts gathering dust in my armoire. I whipped her out a week ago, stitched all last Friday night and most of Saturday, and voila! New Wee Wonderfuls bear:

working on a little something....

I'm especially proud of the yellow flower buttons - from my Singer stash purchased at the drug store. As usual, I reconned fabrics from my very large wardrobe of ill-fitting clothing. Why do I have so much clothing that doesn't fit right? #1 - My unusually large backside, and #2 my impatience for shopping. Lately if I find anything that even half fits, I'll buy it to just get out of the store and go home. After a few unenthusiastic wears, it turns into stuffed critters... :) Sir Bear's head and limbs are made from gray slacks that made my rear look droopy and a beautiful dark brown and red plaid skirt that rode up so often it looked like I was wearing a mini. :)

Sir Bear is going on the Christmas list as my first planned toy made and completed! :)

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