Friday, October 27, 2006

spooky little owl

feeling spooky

I made this little owl, without any pattern, but just a very general idea in my head. Everything "happened" - like the eyes and the wings, and the little orange feet. I love working with felt, because cutting, shaping, and sewing it is so easy. It's basically the way you expected fabric to act when you cut it for the first time, at about age 4. And not the frayed, lumpy, scary mess real fabric really is... :) I loved making the owl so much I immediately got started on a little haunted house for him... (pictures soon!) :)


vera said...

oh he is so sweet. you did a good job designing him yourself! :0) x

floresita said...

Thanks Vera! You have such a great crafty blog - I added it to my little list to keep track of!

So glad you like Mr. Owl - working with the felt, and just making things up as I went along was much easier than I thought! :)