Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tea Towel swap goodies arrive!

something sweet in the mail...

So, I was loath to check my mail last week... but I finally got to the mailbox yesterday, and discovered a wonderful package from Jackie, who was kind enough to arrange a Tea Towel Swap. This was my first official swap, and it was a fun experience - I love sending and receiving mail!

beautiful towels stitched by Jackie

Just look at the lovely details and stitching on these towels! And the way all the colors, trims, and threads complement each other - they're just gorgeous! It was also wrapped so delicately, with a couple of tasty recipes... If you're wondering what I sent to her it was the Busy Bees:

los Busy Bees

Of course I waited to the last minute to send mine, and was a bit frenzied as I mailed out my package, so I didn't wrap it. :( Oh well, perhaps this procrastinator will learn how to mail a better package! :)

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