Wednesday, November 22, 2006

adventures in pom poms

ooh, a pom pom maker... + enter the Jiffy yarn =

my first pom pom!

My sister, the sweetheart, cheered me up on my milestone birthday with a bunch of cool crafting supplies. So, as soon as I opened the package, I dove into making pom poms. As expected, my first pom pom was a crashing failure, but not accepting defeat, I read the directions (which I discovered to be key) and crafted the one you see above. I'm also attempting a scarf with this yarn, that I'm not so fond of:

beginnings of a new scarf

I love the fluffy softness of the yarn - but I'm having a hard time working with these larger knitting needles. I keep getting big gaps in between stitches that make it look so... wonky. :(


Heather said...

Don't worry -- that often happens with ribbing. Once your scarf is finished, you can faux-block it to even it out. Get a friend, each grab hold of an end, and pull! Don't be shy about it -- really tug! It'll help even out the stitches and get rid of those gaps. Also, when switching between knit and purl, don't forget to tighten up the yarn on the SECOND stitch after you switch -- that helps keep stuff in line, too.

floresita said...

Oh- thank you so much for the blocking tip! I had all but abandoned this scarf because of the wonkiness, now I'm inspired to re-visit it after the Holidays! :)