Monday, November 13, 2006

fuzzy blue scarf

finishing the fuzzy blue scarf

I finished my two, thin Fun Fur scarves yesterday and I love them both. I guess I'm fonder of the white one, because the combination of pale pink and white is very subtle. The blue one looks funky and crazy, a look I'm pretty fond of as well...

two fuzzy scarves

I already showed the yarn I used on the white/pink scarf - the fuzzy blue scarf was a combination of blue Lion Brand "Fun Fur" and white Red Heart "Casual Cot'n":


I love the texture of the white yarn, and how fluffy and soft it feels. It's a tiny bit off white, with a few natural colored flecks spread out through the yarn. Well, that's two scarves I can cross off the Christmas List. The fuzzy magenta scarf is almost finished, too!

To what do I owe all this knitting? Actually, I'd been working pretty steadily on both throughout the week - the pink scarf was my TV scarf and the blue was my lunchtime knitting. But I have to say watching all six episodes of Star Wars on a nerd-ass loop this weekend really contributed to my solid finish... :)


wip said...

hmmmmmmm, the internet ate my first post. Anyway, I love the pink one, it looks very luxurious!

floresita said...

Thank you! I love the fluffy texture of that pink one so much, I might just make one for myself... :)

wip said...

Make one for yourself?? Are we allowed to do that?

Eren said...

Flor...those are wonderful and so perfect for the holidays. Can you do the same thing with crochet?

floresita said...

Thanks Eren! I have to ask my good crocheting friend that question, but I would think you can! I don't dare learn to crochet - then I'll have another hobby!! :D