Sunday, December 17, 2006

4 things you might not know about me...

Thanks for tagging me, Ellia - here are my answers, and I'd like to invite anybody who reads this to try it, too! :)

Four Jobs I’ve Had:
cashier at a Dollar Store
unfortunate person who opens the Thrift Store donation bags (ugh - SO many people donate pitt-stained tee-shirts it's disgusting!)
page at a Rare Book and Manuscript Library
salesperson at a School Uniform Store

Four Movies I Could Watch Over & Over:
Dirty Dancing (sigh, I am so ashamed, but I love this movie)
Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Four Places I Have Lived:
San Antonio, Texas
Austin, Texas
New York (sorry, guys, but that's it!) :)

Four TV Shows I Love:
King of Queens
That 70's Show
any Mexican telenovela :)

Four Places I Have Been For a Vacation:
Big Sur, California
Dublin, Ireland
Munich, Germany
St. Maarten

Four Websites I Visit Daily:
Rotten Tomatoes
Yahoo mail

Four Favourite Foods:
spicy salmon tempura roll from my favorite Sushi restaurant
bean and cheese tacos from any hole in the wall in Texas
spicy shrimp, bulgogi and bi bin bap from my favorite Korean restaurant
spicy Thai panang curry

Four Favourite Desserts:
crepe with banana and nutella
cinnamon ice cream (mmmm!)

Four Places I Would Rather Be:
in a quiet forest, filled with bird sounds
in a green field, under a blue sky
anywhere that I can see trees and a mountain
eating dinner with my family

Four Women Who Inspire Me: (I added this one)
Frida Kahlo
Georgia O'Keeffe
Julia Margaret Cameron
my mom

Four People I’m Tagging:
everybody who reads this! :)


ellia said...

ohhhh what fun!!!!! hey, did you ever hear of remedios varos (i might have too many s's in the name) she did the bestest paintings but wasnt as famous as frida... i took a latin american art history class and was so fascinated by all the history and movements... somehow, the puerto ricans werent mentioned at all so i tried to do a paper on us but ended up writing a paper of why so many p.r. artists ARENT famous... hehe....

sorry, i think i went off the topic!

floresita said...

Wow, ellia, no I hand't heard of her, but her art is fascinating. Many people said Frida was surrealist (I don't see it), but this artist seems much more so than Frida...

I, too, knew next to nothing about Puerto Rico, or Puerto Rican culture until I moved to NY. Being in the Mexican American majority in South Texas makes you a little complacent... :(

I saw a really interesting documentary recently about Puerto Rico made by Rosie Perez - I can't believe all the things that have happened historically that no one learns about in school!