Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Christmas ornament #3

third ornament

Here's ornament #3: the cute baby in a green snowsuit. I originally sewed this up in a very boring way that looked lumpy and dull, so I yanked it apart and started again. I used pinking shears to get the cute rick-racky edge on the blue felt, and used a chain stitch in a shiny rayon floss to stitch both sides together. I made the ornament for greenbeanbaby as part of a swap, so I added her name to the back:

the back....

And, as promised, here is a freebie from the vintage Holiday patterns I've been using. Eren asked if there was a little boy, so here he is, the cutest of the lot! :)

holiday freebie


laeroport said...

Flor -
I've had such fun watching your ornaments take shape. They are really lovely. And thanks for the freebie. So, so cute!

Eren said...

Oh Flor! Im so excited! And so glad I checked back. Im starting him tonight. And let you know when he's done.

AnastasiaC said...

These are really sweet!!
I found your blog via Ellia...such cute things you make!

floresita said...

Thank you Anastasia! :) I'm so glad I swapped with Ellia - I love the things she makes! :)