Monday, January 1, 2007

Christmas craftiness

ready for the woods

After giving Sir Bear to my niece for Christmas, we both decided she needed a much larger wardrobe. The skies were grey, and we were a bit bored after Christmas, which resulted in endless hours of stitching fun. The coat above, which makes the bear look like a Russian princess, was made by my niece's mom, Deborah. Her sewing skills truly amaze me, and only a detail shot of her perfect stitches will help you appreciate her work:

made by Deborah

We made SO many accessories in one afternoon:

what happens when it rains

I really love the little purse I made her, and the combination of red flannel and dark brown ribbon and felt:

little purse

I was so impressed with my niece's handiwork - she was so patient and diligent with her needle and thread, making the red heart shoes, a red fringe scarf with a pre-cut snowflake, and embellishing another red coat with thread and ribbon!

embroidered by my niece

I'm so glad we set aside some craft time together, it was the perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon... :)


Carol said...

Sounds like you had a great trip Flor!

floresita said...

I did, Carol! I did my best to not be crafty at first, thinking I needed a vacation, until I realized that making things actually is a vacation for me! :)

occasionalconfusion said...

That looks so cute ! :-)

floresita said...

Thank you! ;)

Gina E. said...

Deborah, these are all so cute, and beautifully made! You must be a very good influence on your niece for her to be wanting to do all those!
Thank you for commenting on Patra's Place about my mermaid teatowel. I would love to see those mermaid transfers you won on eBay. Any chance of scanning them to put on here so we can admire them?

Amy Green said...

The bear and the clothes are too cute! I found your blog through flickr, I have been admiring your work. I'll visit again!

floresita said...

Thank you Gina! I can't take all the credit since her mother (Deborah) is quite the crafty lady. I (floresita) have always been inspired by her! :)

Oh, I'd love to share those mermaid transfers - let me think of the best way to do it, and I'll respond on your blog! :D

floresita said...

Thank you Amy! ;D

helle jorgensen said...

Floresita.... That is the cutest little outfit I have ever seen. You are very, very clever. Love visiting your blog too.

floresita said...

Thank you! I'm so happy that my niece, her mother and I all had a hand in making things for the bear - it was such fun! :)