Wednesday, January 10, 2007

extended Christmas

Christmas is too short

Am I the only one that hates that Christmas is over so fast? I feel like I plan all year, make little lists, brainstorm so much, and at the very end, just before Christmas it is still a mad rush to try to get special things for everybody special in my life. And then those 50% off sales right after Christmas really seem to rub it in - as if to say "here's the cute wrapping paper you didn't buy," or "Don't you wish you'd found these Santa stickers in time?"

Santa is in agreement

Well, folks, no more of that - I am hereby proposing an addendum to the holiday of Christmas which is certainly far too short. And, in honor of my first annual celebration of extended Christmas, I sent out an extended Xmas present to my sweet friend, Olivia:

extended Christmas present

Inside this package was a book by the incomparably hilarious Stitchy McYarnpants, which seriously made me laugh so hard I cried. She ribs various 50's, 60's and 70's knitting patterns to death, with pictures that are hilarious on their own. Also in the package I sent Olivia was a lovely glass owl I found in Texas, which originally hailed from Germany. You may not know this, but Texas is filled with people of German descent who came over as settlers in the late 1800's - there are lots of cute towns with German names and people who speak some really old-timey German:

but who will tell Olivia about extended Christmas?

So, for all of you who have perfect gifts you're waiting to send to loved ones that you just couldn't send out in time - rest assured - Christmas has been extended! Send that gift out! And tell them I said it's okay, it's now a real holiday. And don't worry, we've got Hanukkah covered, too:

Hanukkah is also too short - I'm extending that, too...


Roz said...

Hi I'm new to your blog and just need to chime in that I agree. Christmas came and went entirely too fast. I still have my tree up, the truth is out!

floresita said...

Ha - I'm glad you agree - if we all band together I'm sure we can extend Christmas to at least mid-January! ;)

I love your illustrations by the way - they're so imaginative - thanks for stopping by! :)

MamaMeo said...

Yay! Christmas is extended. Now if I can only get my husband to cooperate!

floresita said...

No problem - I'll send over a bird in a Santa hat... I'm sure he'll be convinced. ;)

Carol said...

I wish I had budgeted for extended Christmas!

floresita said...

Awww, Carol, just shop the 50% off sales, like me! ;)