Tuesday, January 16, 2007

vintage birds pillowcase

for Isa

The update - my dear Flickr friend, Isa, received the pillowcase - it is safe and cozy with her after a trek through the snow... :)

a bit closer

I'm so happy to finally see this project finished - I actually started it long ago - just before I flew home for Christmas. I used a vintage Vogart pattern for the gorgeous, intricate bird design - the banner and needle are both Sublime Stitching motifs. As you can tell from the needle - this project celebrates the talents of a very special friend of mine....

pillowcase for a dear friend....

There is a name on the banner but it's a secret... to be revealed when my friend receives it! I used variegated auburn colored floss on the bird bodies to give a color-gradation effect. Click on the first picture above to see all the DMC colors I used. I'm also busy at work at another project - I'm not 100% sure I'm liking it, but if I have any success, I'll be posting pics of that soon....

Colors used
Bird body: DMC 69 (variegated thread)
Bird wings:
DMC 3828 (light tan)
DMC 818 (light pink)
DMC 415 (light gray blue)
DMC craft thread, off white
Bird's eyes: DMC 931
Bird beak: DMC 3371
DMC 3828 (light tan)
DMC 818 (light pink)
DMC 415 (light gray blue)
DMC craft thread, off white
Needle: DMC 415 (2 strands) + DMC metallic floss, silver (1 strand)
Thread: DMC craft thread, gray
Branches: DMC 3371
Buds on branches: DMC 352
DMC 352
DMC 818 (light pink)
DMC craft thread, off white


marisa said...

very, very beautiful :)

floresita said...

Thank you Marisa - I love your creations! :)

Vidya said...

Yes, very beautiful. And i just want to let you know that you've have been an inspiration for me starting to embroider..it's so exciting! Also, come join us in an embroidery swap at swapbot that I started called, "A little winter bird.." Thanks for your inspiration. You fellow Texas Mexicana you...

occasionalconfusion said...

This is very pretty. Love it :-)

kristin said...

just gorgeous!!

helle said...

Floresita... Your work is incredibly beautiful. It often stays in my thoughts. Thanks for all the free patterns.

Melly said...

ooooh, how truly sweet! Have just found your blog - where have you been? I love all of your stuff. especially those tea towels with the insects - too cute!!! I will be visiting often.

floresita said...

Thank you Vidya! So glad I've inspired you, and your little swap sounds wonderful! I'm a bit swamped at the moment, but I am SO tempted to join... :)

Thanks occasionalconfusion, Kristin, Helle, and Melly (I look forward to seeing you)! :)

AnastasiaC said...

its really beautiful!!!

iHanna said...

Oh it's just so beautiful, all of it. Love the colours of the birds and the whole composition. great work!

deb said...

wow! this is so beautiful, and i looove the bird in your blog heading too - so lovely

JessZ said...

Your work is beautiful. I love your design, it is both classic and modern.

cata said...

Wow! este bordado es espectacular!
Me encanta!

aab said...

the pillowcase is to die for. what beautiful work.