Tuesday, February 6, 2007

a little knitting and weird me

tiny sweater

Here's a cute little Wee Wonderfuls sweater my friend and I are knitting during our lunch breaks - it's almost finished! It's just waiting for sleeves...

In other news, I loved Carol's post about her "weird" quirks, so I was inspired to um, let you know how weird I am. Actually, this post is hard for me, because I honestly have to think to myself and wonder, what about me isn't weird? Nevertheless, here goes:

  1. As a child I obsessively typed the state bird and state flower of every single state on my parent's typewriter. If I messed up, I would rip out the sheet of paper and start all over again...

  2. Also as a child, I arranged "parades" of my mom's porcelain figurines around the living room. They always paraded in a straight line, and I never broke any of them.

  3. Whenever I interact with strangers (get coffee, buy clothes, etc) I always do it with as few words as possible, often pointing and smiling instead. (So much that people sometimes think I'm from another country).

  4. I hate buying shoes at stores where a salesperson brings the box to you. I absolutely never do it!

  5. Somehow, after a meal, my napkin is hardly ever dirty (I swear I use it). And I always unconsciously fold it neatly in half when I'm finished.

  6. I love knowing the exact names of things: trees, cat or dog breeds, birds, countries.

  7. I immediately forget the names of everyone I meet. I always remember the first and last names of movie stars (even the minor ones).

  8. I think in 3 languages: English, Spanish and French. Sometimes I'm confused which language to answer in, and wish I could use all 3! :)

Okay, anyone reading this - I challenge you to rival my weirdness, or eh, be weird in a more interesting way! You're tagged! :)


Wardi said...

Oh I can top #8: I think in Danish, English, French, Italian and even Swedish!! Bloody hell, that's weird! And sometimes at work (I live in England) I almost speak to the customers or my co-workers in Danish... ;-)

Carol said...

Flor, I can relate to your weirdness #1, #2 and #7!
As far as thinking in 3 languages....that's not weird honey, that's amazing.
The sweater is cute!

floresita said...

Ha! Wardi I am so impressed! It's been my goal to add at least 2-3 more languages to my repertoire - imagine if we ever get Alzheimers? Our relatives won't have a clue what we're saying! :P

He he, Carol, I think we're both a bit fastidious, eh? (which caused me to immediately think of a related verb in Spanish, fastidiar - sigh. It never ends!) :)

Olga said...

hi, floresita: a friend of mine brought me to your blog--we're both bloggers but she blogs about being a chicana academic and i blog about my knitting (and sometimes academia). anyway! just to say that i came to you in a roundabout sort of way, but glad that i did! your mini sweater is lovely and i suddenly am seized with the urge to make stuffed toys. and are you a virgo, by the way? your "weird things" seem to me to be classic virgo traits, which i can get away with saying because i happen to be one.

floresita said...

Hi Olga! I love it when Chicanas find me - there can never be enough of us online! :) I love your knitting blog, too, by the way...

Ha ha, no I'm not a Virgo - actually I'm a Scorpio. I tend not to go in for the horoscope thing, but ironically every description I've ever read about Scorpios fits me to a t... :)