Tuesday, March 27, 2007

a heart in progress

completed heart

I was happy to finally see this heart completed - I had gotten so frustrated with it, and picked out and re-stitched so many colors on this... I'm really enjoying this project and taking my time - instead of stepping back and saying "I'm finished" after 1 or 2 nights, I've carried this project over weeks, doing new sketches whenever I think about it:

another drawing

I used this sketch to think mainly of colors and where things would go... most of the colors I didn't end up using after all, but I like how it looks on its own.

I changed the color on the banner outline from grayish blue to peach - something about the gray just blended in too much and looked dull.

Stitching the lettering on the ribbon around her neck was trickiest - I used a single strand of black sewing thread, so the stitches look a tiny bit crooked:


I really enjoy my progress so far - all this weekend I stitched some more, which means there's a bit more to come. I love taking my time and knowing there's no rush... :)

as of yesterday...


jennicakes said...

I love this SO MUCH! I can't wait to see it all finished!

Olga said...

That's SO beautiful! And can I just say, I've been thinking about getting a tattoo like that heart for the longest time. I particularly love the inscriptions...so Frida Kahlo/ex-voto inspired.

Kristine Hudson said...

Your Sacred heart is beautiful!
What a beautiful sentiment during this time of Lent. "I'm always thinking of You"

Estrella Luna said...

I LOVE it. When your screen came up, literally the word "wow" came out of my mouth. Beautiful.

cinderelly said...

this is beautiful! i have so many things with that sacred heart motif...i just really love it too. i want to put it everywhere!

alex said...

Yes! That is the word that wants to be said! YES! This is gorgeous. Unique...and hand drawn!! Love it.

Also love the shower curtain and undies.

(Found you meandering around from Sew Green.)