Sunday, April 29, 2007

little Spanish girl finished


After plugging away pretty happily all morning and a couple of hours in the afternoon, the Spanish girl was finished. If you're wondering what I'm stitching on, it's a beautiful linen placemat my sister gave me last year. I'm planning to stitch at least one more kitschy Mexican pattern to make a "set."

I'm not sure why, but I always get this wonderful fix out of (get this) extreme closeups of embroidery or crafts. :)

closeup on finished Spanish girl

I'll admit it's bizarre - but I've always been this way - I love holding any detailed craftsmanship really close to my eyes and appreciating every tiny detail. I blame it on my bad eyes, and the fact that, as a kid, I really had to hold things very close to my eyes to see the details... :) I also love seeing things in progress...

this morning...

Curious about the colors I used? Most of them were my favorites, here they are:

DMC 321 - Christmas Red
DMC 445 - Lemon- light
DMC 733 - Olive Green- medium
DMC 738 - Tan- very light
DMC 819 - Baby Pink- light
DMC 892 - Carnation- medium
DMC 3024 - Brown Grey - very light
DMC 3371 - Black Brown
DMC B5200 - Snow White


Olga said...

She is just gorgeous! And what would a finished embroidery project be without the closeup shots, anyway?

cinderelly said...

she came out beautiful! your stitching looks fabulous!

carolina said...

Absolutely gorgeous! And what a detailed stitching!

CatherineNiven said...

She is beautiful - I love your attention to detail, you get the colours and stitches just perfect! Very inspiring!

Billie said...

I love your embroidery, very pretty. I've just traced the Spanish girl and looking forward to stitching her, too. Thank your for providing so many patterns.

Tara said...

Hello! Your stitching is so beautiful! I love everything you've done. I wonder if you will tell me how many strands of floss you use. I generally use 3 or 4 but your stitching looks 'thicker' to me and I like it very much.

floresita said...

Thank you so much, olga, cinderelly, carolina, catherineniven, and billie! Your sweet compliments keep me plugging away! :)

And thank you Tara - actually I use only 3-4 strands of floss, too! Some of the white parts were stitched with DMC craft thread (left that out of the list) which is a bit thicker. I do facial features and any fine details with only 1-2 strands of floss. Maybe it only looks thicker because I get so close to the fabric when I photograph it... :)

Jane's Designs said...

Your stitch work is beautiful.

rose said...

Beautiful work, you have inspired me to attempt some things myself.