Monday, May 7, 2007

at the zoo

I love dandelions

Dandelions always seem to grow where the grass is greenest and softest - so far I've seen them in Texas, Germany, and New York. I found this flower on our way to the Bronx Zoo, after the bus deposited us precariously next to a highway exit. I feel so happy when I'm surrounded by living, growing things... It was perfect weather, the kind of weather where you feel perfectly at ease in the sun and in the shade, and everything is drowned in sunlight.


Kirsten said...

The Bronx Zoo was one of my all time favorite places to go when I was a kid. We used to go there for school field trips all the time and then my parents, aunts, uncles, and older cousins would take turns bringing my younger sister and I for frequent visits! Glad you enjoyed it :)

floresita said...

Hi Kirsten! I'm totally not a city person, so I love sneaking of to the Bronx Zoo and Central Park every chance I can get - I just feel so relaxed and at home when I'm surrounded by trees... :)

Taryn said...

We have plently of dandylions growing on lawns in California, but they are a bit shrimpy. When I vacationed in Norway, however, their dandylions were big and lush! They were everywhere. I just loved seeing them, all bright and cheery.

Thanks for the pic, it made me happy again!

IamSusie said...

As a suburban homeowner, I can say there is no shortage of large, sturdy dandelions in suburban Chicagoland. They are spectacular when they all bloom all at once in the spring, but they get ugly and spindley looking really fast.

I do love it when my daughter brings in a pretty yellow bouquet for me.

floresita said...

Yay Taryn! I love the discussion of regional dandelion size! :D I agree, the dandelions I saw in Germany were huge compared to what I've seen in the US - European dandelions must be special... :)

Awww, Susie, impromptu free bouquets are the best! ;)

Olga said...

Such a pretty picture! I can back up Susie about the size of Chicago dandelions...we loved picking those as kids. It was even better when they went to seed, and we could blow them out into a million tiny fluffs.

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