Monday, June 11, 2007

a few more things making me happy

under a kind tree
this small drawing, I did in the fall...

the smell of the rain, heavy gray skies
pierced through with the last blinding rays of evening light -

a book cover

this little bird, this bird, and this bird, too

also, this sweet face

when I grabbed dinner, that sweet, independent, walking-on-my-own feeling.
remembering all things are connected, somehow, some way...


woof nanny said...

Ooh, I love those birds too. Thanks for noticing the book cover. So many more good books in my blog archives when I used to use Picassa for photos. Glad to have found you :)

Stitchado said...

i love the smell of rain too, specially when it hits the dirt, when i was a little girl i thought it smelled so good i would eat dirt! my mom used to hate it!

those birds are just precious :)