Sunday, June 10, 2007

things currently making me happy

Hill Country restaurant

As you may or may not know, I'm originally from Texas. I think we all have a love/hate relationship with the the place that we're from, maybe even moreso when you're artsy. You at once feel very inspired and very held back by your hometown - I couldn't wait to get out of Texas and move on with my life. And yet, there are so many good things about home, things that will always make everywhere else a little less like home... Which brings me to Texas style barbecue.

I'm not a huge meat-eater, but when I find a good steak or brisket I can really throw it down, believe me. The minute I stepped in there, lots of happy Texas vibes just washed over me. Tons of wide open space, nobody bumping you at all, no plates, white sliced bread and a roll of paper towels at each table. It looks pricey, but you get to pick all your portions and it's priced by weight, so it's really only pricey if you do a full pig-out. :) We wandered downstairs which resulted in another internal "awww..." - it looked just like the inside of a dance hall, complete with long pine tables and some Hispanic woman in her 40's that was constantly either dancing in place, or dancing with her daughter. I did the dancing in place and was just filled with love for everything that's good about home... If you live in NY and miss Texas, check this place out.

sweetness from Eydie

Also making me happy? This super-sweet person I met through Flickr, Eydie. She makes some of the sweetest embroidery pieces I've seen, and totally surprised me by offering to mail some vintage transfers to me.

I received them on Friday in a big ol' box - people, there have to be over 50 transfer sheets! Blogging people are really the most generous people I've met anywhere. I'll be sharing online what she has shared with me, on my Vintage Transfer Finds blog. I'll try to scan at least 1 freebie per week in the weeks to come, and tag each one as her donation. :)


Billie said...

I love reading about your Texas bbq style. I received a recipe from a friend on how to make "Texas bbq brisket", I took a chance and made it for my daughter's grad party (very easy). Wow, I guess it was a hit, because by the time I got to it there was little left. Of course, we had other choices of meats to eat, but that was the first to go, so that is what I'm making for our next party! I'm a native Californian, so I'm always intersted in other types of regional cooking. Oh, looking forward to your new transfers. Lucky you!!

Rebekah said...

That is so sweet I love vintage transfers. I can not wait to see what she sent you.

Anonymous said...

There is something about Texas . . . I've never lived there, but my mother's people are all Texans and I've been there so many times. As soon as I cross the Red River, something in me says I'm home.

I like Texas BBQ, the joints are the greatest . . . my sister used to live in a small town near Beaumont and there was a trailer on the side of the road that served excellent BBQ. It was the cleanest place - red checkered oilcloth on the tables and a giant cooler filler with huge cream pies. Then one day it was gone. Our mourning did not last long however; they had only upped and moved the trailer two miles down the road.

After all of that, I still have to say, being from Kansas City, that I like KC BBQ the best. Love that thick tomatoey sauce. All the best joints have a giant black smoker with the most delicious smelling smoke pouring out of it.

Sorry. One cannot mention BBQ with a Kansas Citian in the room without us rapsodizing for hours. We can compare and contrast BBQ forever.

Can't wait to see the new transfers. Keep the sauce off the embroidery!

floresita said...

Hee hee Billie, leave it to BBQ to be a topic everyone gets nostalgic about! :) It's really hard to go wrong with a cook-out - in my family we just thow some meat on the grill and try not to set our hair on fire... ;D

Thanks rebekah, you'll be seeing them soon! :)

Hey there anonymous Kansas-Citian! You know, I don't think I've had Kansas City BBQ, that needs to be remedied. Since we're on the topic of BBQ sauce my friend, you'll have to know that since I'm Tex-Mex, I like mine spicy. If you're ever in San Antonio, check out Rudy's BBQ, their sauce rocks. :)

Keri said...

I'm from Texas too and my WHOLE FAMILY still lives there - and I miss brisket too! What's with this pulled-pork business??!! lol And yeah, I never really thought I was all that in love with Texas until I left 3 years ago, but I totally miss it! I REALLY miss the Texas boys!! They don't have those in Alabama either!! ha ha It's my secret dream to find myself a Texas boy and move back "home" - but don't tell my mom 'cause she'll start planning the wedding!