Monday, July 2, 2007

a barrel of monkeys

plaid monkey

What have I been up to? Making more monkeys, of course! I had a wonderful day off on Friday, which I spent taking long, lazy walks and staying away from the computer. It was a bit gray and overcast, but with that nice, heavy feeling that precedes a great thunderstorm. And I love thunderstorms. I finished gray monkey, pictured above, late Thursday night. And since it's hard to tell their finished size from my pictures, I included my big hand. :)

monkey thoughts

I love finding expressive little pics like these in my camera - in which my stuffed creations even seem to be... pensive. Maybe it's just me (as usual) assigning my personality to them... :) Gray monkey was made from an old dress shirt of my boyfriend's. Ever since I started the monkeys he's contributed more and more from his impeccable wardrobe. I'll only take stained stuff because I'm sure his good cast-offs would be happily purchased at a Salvation Army.

brief bunny interlude

Also from the same dress shirt and my dark brown corduroy I made a brown bunny from the Cute Book that is, um, not so cute. Brown bunny is cute in concept, but my ragged version is not so great!

I was too lazy to stitch the arms, legs and ears properly (you know - where you have to turn the finished product inside out). So instead I whip stitched the ragged corduroy edges and it's... not so nice.

On Friday I whipped up a brown plaid monkey:

the lineup

He has a grey face I initially planned on gray monkey having (but it blended in too much with his body). The brown plaid was from an old skirt I've used to make a few crafts - it's amazing how much mileage you can get out of a knee-length skirt, guys...

On Saturday we took a short train ride to see my boyfriend's parents:

meet Paisley Brown

Of course I had this monkey cut and ready to stitch. The fabric is from a soft paisley corduroy shirt of mine. It was once a western-style shirt with all the shiny snaps, and I loved it but hardly ever wore it. In just one hour the body was finished, and I sewed on the blue felt face at the parents' house. I felt like there was just.. something missing on that monkey, so I added a bow and presto, she was female. :)

monkey madness

So I now have 4 monkeys with another in the works... (The picture above only shows the first 3.) Is there something wrong with me? Am I possessed by the spirit of a sweatshop worker? :)

My boyfriend even started searching for antique barrels to put the monkeys in...


Jenne said...

aww... I would love to see them all peaking out of an old barrel. :) Great job!


they are GREAT!!!
i love them:)

eydie said...

yes, they are very addicting! I have material just waiting for my next little animals.
I think the barrel idea is a great one! keep going while the inspiration and want to is there!

jess said...

These are adorable! I love the paisley with the green bow!

Scribbles & Bits said...

Well, whatever's possessing you, it's possessing you to turn out a whole lotta cute!

Coop said...

I have never blogged, maybe last time.
I make small oak barrels(a cooper) and found your site. "love is work made visual" and pictures of your little animals remind me of loving childhood/adulthood.

Gina E. said...

There is nothing wrong with you at all, Floresita! You are creative, and not afraid to let yourself go with that creativity - keep it up!