Tuesday, July 31, 2007

the great monkey giveaway

monkey names

Here it is, people, the great monkey giveaway, otherwise known as my 100th post!!! I am indeed giving a monkey away! Although I can't assure you with 100% certainty that the monkey of your choosing will want to relocate, I'll do my best to sit the monkey down and try to meet your monkey needs!

Here's how it works:
  • Leave a comment, delurking if necessary (I love lurkers - I am a lurker too)
  • Indicate in your comment which monkey you love most.
  • Tell me a little bit about yourself! What's your favorite band, movie, TV show etc. I'll use this information to de-brief the monkeys. :)
You have until 11:30 PM (New York time) tomorrow today (8/1/07) to respond, at which time I'll throw all the names in a hat and have a monkey draw one out. Then I'll email you to get your name and address, and announce the winner on Thursday! I am giving away 1 wonderful monkey, and a few other goodies from my craft stash.

But, you may ask yourself, how is that fair? I read your boring blog X times a week, and what if I don't win? How can I bring myself to read your blog again?! Calm down, my friend! You too, can have monkeys!

Monkey desktop wallpaper, 1024 x 768

wallpaper! pink green camel

and, the monkey calendar:
monkey calendar for you

Finally, I want to thank everyone who reads this blog - the overwhelming sheer niceness of everyone continues to amaze me. Every visitor has inspired me in one way or another, and I'm so glad if you've found anything here that inspires you! And a special thank you to everyone who responded to the celebrity sightings post!

I'm happy to know, that between all of us, we have managed to see:
Special recognition goes to Carol who wasn't satisfied with just seeing Elvis Costello in a limo but actually took it upon herself to swipe his lighter, Gina E. who shook hands with John Wayne, and Rachel, who interviewed Bobcat Goldthwait. ;D


Kim said...

oh, wow -- i'm poster #1! that must make me some kind of monkey stalker :-)

here's the lowdown on me:

i'm Kim, a 35-year old crafting newbie and mom to a feisty yet delightful 14-month old girl. i'm currently watching top chef and looking forward to the last season of the shield. favorite band is wilco. favorite movie of all time is a toss-up b/t Annie Hall and When Harry Met Sally... though for some bizarre reason i will ALWAYS watch Gladiator when i catch it on TV. i'm partial to the very dashing Alistaire Edmunds, though any of his friends would be cool 'cuz i love plaid and i love corduroy :-)

adelyn said...

oops, i guess i'm monkey stalker #2. i'm also a total lurker but the sheer brilliance that is Alistair Edmunds has forced me out of hiding. (I also love the other names as well, especially "esteban smythe").

ergh, i'm in my mid-20s and i live in paris (been here for a year). i just got back from a big trip to ireland-spain-and morocco and am exhausted to a point where the big accomplishment of my day is hauling my butt to the grocery store to replenish my soy milk supply. :-P

what am i watching now? well, it's summer so i'm shamelessly addicted to "so you think you can dance" and "last comic standing." and we also get the bbc here since we're so close to london and i also watch "britain's next top model" and the latest installment of victoria beckham's migration to LA. oh, all my television choices are so embarrassing.

ergh...favorite movie is really difficult since i'm a freakish cinephile...i really love stuff from the 1940s and all the wonderfully tragic screen divas like bette davis, vivien leigh, etc etc.

it would be amazing if the stars aligned and alistaire edmunds and i are to be introduced. :-)

thanks for doing this little giveaway!


jenny said...

I find myself torn between Joaquin and Esteban.

I'm Jenny, 36 year old New Englandah who's developed a recent obsession with embroidery.

I find myself watching a LOT of Red Sox baseball this time of year and am waiting not so patiently for the next season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Movies? Too many but a recent favorite was The Last King of Scotland.

Such a great idea to coax us lurkers out of hiding!

IamSusie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
IamSusie said...

I removed my old post because I didn't follow your instructions.

I like them all, Flor. Together they look like they have some serious Monkey Business to attend to.

I'm 39 and um... I love stitching and I'm always looking for good movies to watch on TV.

capello said...

hi, my name is laura and i'm in love with Esteban. he looks like he's a major ass kicker, and i love me some ass kickin'.

oh, yeah. i cuss a lot. errr, um, oops about that. sorry i didn't offend. yeah, my blog isn't titled "no appropriate behavior" for nothin'.

i'm 30 years old and just got the worst hair cut of my life. i look like a boy. and my two boys (3 and 5) are convinced it looks horrible too. my 5 year old's favorite band is white stripes and my 3 year old's is hard-fi. mine is the cure. which is good, considering how much i fantisize about wearing black and moping in my bedroom all day.

Olga said...

I adore Joaquin! Please let him know that I would be a very good monkey mom and have plenty of felt bananas waiting for him.

I'm Olga, 37 years old, a perpetual graduate student (still have to hammer out that dissertation). Said dissertation will be about Mexican American authors in Chicago. My primary fiber obsession is knitting, although I pieced together my first quilt top last night (I cheated and used a kit from Joann's); the craft that first started me on this path, though, was cross-stitch! I made a fabulously elaborate Christmas cross-stitch for my mom one year and haven't been able to complete another one since!

My all-time favorite movie is also When Harry Met Sally, and I have currently been bottom-feeding among the TV offerings with The Age of Love.

In case Joaquin has lost all respect for me, let him know that I would be happy to write a conference paper on Curious George to get back in his good graces.

mia said...

Okay, I'm such a lurker!

Estaban is dreamy in my book!

I'm Mia, a stay home mama to a ridiculously fiesty 3.5 year old little boy and a 1 year old maniacal little girl.
Band- Just one guy- Ben Folds- I'm so in love.
Movies- Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Pride and Prejudice in all it's incarnations, Elizabeth
TV Show- West Wing and if I'm in the right mood That 70's Show

I also have to give you a compliment because I'm not a big commenter and don't know if I will ever again, but you're the reason I decided to give embroidery a try! :)

Rachel H. (burb_mama) said...

Howdy, Floresita!

Hooray for the milestone posting! What fun! Thanks for continuing to provide such a fun, supportive, inspirational community for us needle-lovin' fools. It has been fun to not only see your amazing work, but to see all the great stuff in the Flickr group and on the feeling stitchy blog - great stuff.

And the monkeys - OH! The Monkeys! How on earth can I resist sweet Paisley? That she called out to become a girl (who wouldn't want the addition of a little bow?), that her blue face shines among the boys, and that she's .... well ... paisley (a fave of mine) make her my favorite little monkeysita.

And me? I'm 31, in Austin, Texas. If my kids don't have me listening to kid music then I've got them listening to Bjork, Esquivel, Cake or The Cure. And when we're not watching kid shows, I'm watching whatever crafty things I can find on tv (Love Uncommon Threads), 30Rock (best.show.ever.) The Office, Scrubs, and Man Vs. Wild (mmm .... Bear ... mmmm)


Becky said...

My favorite is Paisly Brown, she looks so sad!

I'm Becky, an obsessed crafter. I love to embroider, knit, crochet, tat, etc. I adore watching baseball and going to baseball games.....I don't have a favorite band, but my favorite movie of the moment is 300! Oooo, so many nearly naked men! LOL!

Catherine Black said...

Hi, my name's Catherine, I'm a 26 year old lurker (I know, I should be ashamed!) from Glasgow in Scotland.

I am in love with Paisley Brown. He is just the sweetest! My bed needs him!

Ok, some blah about me - I'm a newly wed (still not blogged since the wedding 2 months ago - I just cannot motivate myself) and in the middle of major house re-decoration.

I love to embroider, sew and knit. My husband paints and is obsessed with creating new things. We are both members of the newly formed Glasgow Craft Mafia. www.glasgowcraftmafia.co.uk.

One of my favourite books is Kiss of the Spiderwoman. I also love poetry by Frank O'Hara. I adore writers Alice Hoffman and Anne Tyler. I love musicals and my favourite is Little Shop of Horrors. My favourite band - Super Furry Animals and I also love Gruff Rhys.
Enough about me. I guess you've worked out I also love talking....xx

mj said...

I really can't decide, but something about alistair keeps pulling me back even though I'm such a fan of paisley! I wish I had more time for embroidery and making cute things, but I work and go to school for a Ph.D., so I rarely get to make the creative stuff a priority. Thanks for showing what you do though!

Michelle said...

For monkeys, I will delurk. I like me some Latin so I'm thinking Esteban may be the monkey for me...

christie said...

oooooh, I want in on this contest. I think I could provide a good home to a monkey:)

a little about me, I'm christie, a girl in her mid-twenties, enjoying life in san francisco. I've just recently started learning to letterpress and I am obsessed. Hopefully someday soon I can get my hand on a press of my own.

I'm also really enjoying so you think you can dance right now, love them all!! and can't get enough. My other favorite show is the Office, how can you not love jim? Other than that I love all crafts and good indian food:)

(I love esteban smythe the mostest)

Jenne said...

What a cute post, so much better than a plain old 100th post, or a run of the mill contest announcement.

I can't decide between Esteban and Paisley...they are both so...perfect! If I win, I suppose they will have to decide between one another who will come live with me.

I'm coming up on my 10th wedding anniversary, but I'm also 39 weeks pregnant, so I'll have a new baby boy to love and probably won't be going out for any big celebration of the big 10. I'm okay with that. :) I have an adorable 2 and a half year old daughter who inspired me to take up crafting--how can one be a mom and not make cute things for one's children?

One of my fav. movies is Pride and Prejudice (The A&E miniseries, actually) but I'm a sucker for any good romantic story, and any great story of any stripe, actually.

I think Dave Matthews band probably qualifies as my fave band, but Allison Krauss and Union Station is a very close second.

I never miss an episode of Miami Ink on TLC (Is that just weird?) but I also really love Battlestar Galactica.

and your blog is not boring! I'll still visit often even if I don't win.

crossing fingers that my name is drawn by the monkey!!

moody mama said...

Ooh, they are all so charming in their own unique ways. I am torn between Joaquin and Esteban and then, there's sweet Alistair.... but I would be pleased as punch to have any one of them come live with us.

I am Taunia, 37 yrs old, mother of my 13 yr. old son, and 2 daughters ages 6 and 21 months. They all keep me very busy. I am currently enjoying listening to Madeleine Peyroux. Not much time for TV watching. My media time is spent reading my favorite blogs (yours included) and spending time (too much) on Ravelry. Not much time to see movies either, though one of my all time favorites is Gigi. My wedding dress was based on her beautiful white gown.

I knit, sew and dabble in a few other crafty fiber arts. I would love to quilt someday, but can't add another obsession, I mean passion for a while.

Raesha D said...

They are all so cute that it's hard to choose!! But I'm going to go with Joaquin since he is so dang cute and I love his name.

Hubby and I will be married 14 years on August 21...we have a 6 year old daughter....and three dogs - two pugs and a boxer. In my 9-5 life I am a paralegal, specializing in family law - a very interesting, but emotionally trying area of law. I LOVE to craft and always have some project in the works.

I love love love the Beatles, and Jimmy Buffett is my second fave. I love CSI, The Dog Whisperer, Miami Ink (I have three tattoos and hubby also has 3), Big World Little People. Some of my favorite movies are Return to Me (LOVE David Duchovny), 13 Going on 30 and anything with Robert de Niro:) or Daniel Craig - he is my new crush:) - yes I'm 35 and I still have hopeless movie star crushes.

jess said...

I have to say I am partial to Joaquin the monkey.
He's pink and brown, my favorite colors
Same name as my favorite actor, Joaquin Phoenix
Joaquin Phoenix is in my fave movie- Walk the Line
About my fave singer Johnny Cash

Carol said...

So much fun, Flor!!!
I love all those monkeys the same, are they ok with being seperated?
Music: Elvis Costello (duh!), The Clash, Andrea Bocelli and whatever top 40 crap my teenage daughter is making me listen to, unfortunately.
Movies/TV: PeeWee's Big Adventure,16 Candles, Little Women, Moonstruck, Steel Magnolias,
Mets Baseball, House, Grey's Anatomy
I can go on all night....
Thanks for the fun and happy 100th post :)

Veronica TM said...

all the monkeys are so sweet, flor! thank you for the desktop wallpapers and the calendar.
you are one of my rockin' girls, come by when you have a chance.

Stitchado said...

My goodness!!!

Hi, my name is Claudia, i'm a 32-year old proud mom to two silly boys. I recently began embroidering after many, many years, Flor has been of great inspiration :)

um... my favorite is of course Miss Paisley Brown, she caught my eye the first time i saw her :)

Band(s): The Clash, Ramones, Elvis Costello, Talking Heads, The Sundays, Morrissey... i could go on forever!

Movie(s): High Fidelity, American Splendor, Next Stop Wonderland... again, i could go on forever!

TV: Anything reality... like.. this is terrible, i can't believe i'm about to admit to this but... Bret Michaels : Rock of Love!... The Office, 30Rock, The Soup, Soprano's re-runs...etc...

...come on Paisley!...

kerrianne(kerriberri) said...

Hi! I was just popping by through Flickr (we go back old school style, but it's been awhile!), and behold! the craftiness. Awesome.

I am partial to any money, especially if he/she is cheeky.

I also like to pretend I would want to swim with sharks. But in reality, I would probably just cry. And pee myself a little.

Happy! Tuesday to you babe.

Amy said...

Hee hee..(nervous laugh of a lurker). I am a big fan and I happen to have a thing for Alistaire. My friend was once engaged to an Alistaire, she dumped him. Anywho..Fav Band: The Pretenders. Movie: Harold and Maude. Current Show: Kathy Griffin. Thanks Flor..you rock too!

Violette Crumble said...

Woo! I saw those monkeys the other day and was impressed. Esteban is my favorite, both for his name and his classic monkey style. You already know me, but you did not know my favorites! I can never pick one favorite of anything, but these are the first to come to mind: Band: Adam and the Ants was my first favorite band at age 12. Favorite movie: Nights of Cabiria. Favorite TV show: At the moment So You Think You Can Dance is the only show I watch. I have no shame clearly.

Keri said...

I think my favorite is Esteban Smythe. But really, they are all so cute! And he would have a good home with lots of money love, so if I'm the winner please tell him not to be scared and that I promise to send photos back to his family. :)

My favorite movie is Bull Durham (if only for the "and I like long, slow, soft, deep, wet kisses that last for 3 days" line).

And my favorite bands are anything Red Dirt - like Reckless Kelly, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Mike McClure (you probably have no idea what I'm talking about but it's basically Texas Music).

And I love vintage embroidery patterns. I know you know that already, just had to throw it in for good measure.

Melissa Goodsell said...

Oh what a beautiful give away on your blog :O) That is really kind of you.
I discovered your blog a few days ago (following a link from Etsy) and I will definitely be back again, you've got some gorgeous little treasures here.
Onto monkey business :O)
We would love the company of Mr Esteban Smythe at our house. He would be very welcome and well loved and cared for. He can happily potter in whichever room he chooses and I have a lovely little brown leather case that we could turn into a bed for him. Estaban, if you decided to take the long voyage to our house I would stitch you a little quilt (in colours of your choosing ofcourse) and a matching pillow to rest on after your long voyage. I think you look very smart in your chocolate outfit.

Here's a little bit about myself. I'm Mel, a 34 year old Mum to James and Bella. We live in Tasmania (Australia) about 5 minutes drive from the beach, which is lovely in Summer. We are in the middle of Winter here though at the moment and the days can get quite cold but not freezing. I love all crafts, especially stitching and scrapbooking.
My favourite all time movie would be The Wizard of Oz (I'd really fancy a pair of those ruby red shoes, so nice). I like listening to Regina Spektor at the moment.

Jodi said...

I love Joaquin - mostly because it's a name my mother would never be able to pronounce! She still struggles with my husband's name Saul (pronounced sa-ool in Spanish)

I'm Jodi and I live in Vancouver Canada - are there any other crafty Canadian bloggers out there because I'm looking for you!

I'm 36, married (my husband is Mexican) and have two cats - no kids.

My favorite singer is Lila Downs and my favorite movie is Como Agua para Chocolate. Do you see a theme emerging here? I loved Flor's blog even before I discovered her cultural heritage - but that made it so much better when I did realize....the embroidered tacos and tamales were a dead giveaway!

I am a technical designer for a company that manufactures outdoor clothing in my "working life" but designing jewelry and sewing all things crafty is my true passion.

I embroidered the back of my jean jacket for my portfolio to get into design school when I was 18. It took me 6 months to complete (because I didn't know what I was doing). I haven't embroidered a stitch since but Flor's blog has inspired me to give it another go!

Thanks for all the inspiration Flor!

Mamameo said...

Hello flor!

This is Vidya aka Mamameo and I ALWAYS read your blog. I so look forward to what you are up to and such. Plus, you are a fellow Texan who no longer lives in Texas, just like myself, now that I'm in Colorado. One of my favorite posts was that of your family: old wedding photos of your parents. I think I'll have to do that too.

So let's see: I love Joaquin or Esteban. There names remind me of days of yore with old Mexicano friends in school. Well, I am a Mama, wife of a fabulous musician, doula, yoga instructor, professional Modern dancer, crafty-lady, and about to start Grad. Studies in Somatic Psychotherapy with a concentration in Dance/Movement Therapy this month!! wow! I hardly watch TV, but when I do, I try to catch reruns of Seinfeld. I just love Seinfeld! I love all kinds of music: jazz, led zeppelin, rancheros, lila downs, johnny cash, and of course, juana molina. Hope to win one of your beauties!!

Anonymous said...

Happy 100th Post!!! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful embroidery and crafty goodness with us.
Esteban Smythe with his dark features and classy dress sense is definitely my kind of man, i mean monkey! ;0)
The info: Currently my musical obsession is with Neko Case and Missy Higgins (Aussie), and i just absolutely love Greys Anatomy always and forever.

katie said...

Hi My name is Katie, I am 29 and I am from St. Louis, Mo. Hmm..somethng about me. I am getting married in 2 months to the man of my dreams and best friend! The wedding is less than two weeks before my 30th birthday. I think it will be so special to celebrate that birthday milestone alone together on our honeymoon. Of course, I still be up for a big birthday bash with my friends when I get back. I am a graphic designer but I majored painting and printmaking in college. I miss doing both of those arts. I learned how to sew a little less than a year ago and I am addicted! My favorite tv shows are The Office (BBC version), Heros, Veronica Mars. My favorite movies. There are so many! Pride and Prejudice, About A Boy, The Women, Much Ado About Nothing, Love Actually, Tommy Boy. The list goes on and on. Esteban is wonderful! I love his buttons. Congrats on your 100th post!

Scribbles & Bits said...

First of all, congratulations on the milestone! Fun! Um, I love all the monkeys so if I'm the lucky winner, the one that actually wants to some live in Louisiana is welcome! So I love all kinds of music (seriously, all kinds!), and I love British sitcoms, knitting, embroidery, making cards, reading, cooking, theatre, and just about anything really. There's so much out there to love! Are you completely bored with me yet?

FYNest said...

Hey! I'm new to reading this blog, I have been on your vintage transfers site a lot and just printed several I want to work on. I used to embroider years ago but with kids & work it went by the wayside.

I am 33, married with 2 boys and a dog. I own a store/web site that sells vintage and vintage-inspired decor. I have a strange sense of humor so I love stuff like Borat and The Jerk but also musicals like Grease & Sound of Music. I watch the Office & Scrubs on TV. And I honestly listen to every kind of music including rap or heavy metal but if G*d forbid something happened to my husband, I'm going to marry Michael Buble. ;-)

I'm partial to Esteban but any of them would be welcome in my home! :-)

Meg said...

I love checking your blog. Now I am inspired to start my own about my new sewing business in Vermont, "Dolly Dilettante." Hope you will check it out soon. Paisley is a sweet little thing.

Angela said...

I am late but here! I love Esteban or Joaquin, I am that kinda gal.:)

I am Angela, 35 yr old mom of all boys. I am currently teaching myself how to knit, which is hard when you have been a crocheter since you were 10. UGH, has it been 25 yrs., oh I am so old...
Anyway, I love those Forensic File type of shows, anything with someone dead and everyone else trying to figure it out. My husband says I am a freak, so there you go. The freak has to win!!!

tara said...

I love love Joaquin and promise that me, the Hub, Andre (big cranky cat), Stella (tiny little scardy-cat) and Beauregard Farnsworth (stubby Beagle-Basset mix pup) will give him a loving home, show him all of Joaquin Pheonix's finest movies (especially Cash) and snuggle with him while I knit, embroider and cook vegetarian meals.
Sound enticing little monkey friend?

jane said...

officially un-lurking because i heart Paisley Brown.

I'm a Canadian knitter/crocheter/wannabe embroidery person. I luv The Arcade Fire and Reverie Sound Revue (bands) and am currently enamoured with The Tudors.

Tara said...

I love Paisley Brown and I love your beautiful embroidery, too. I've had a few celebrity sightings - Liv Tyler on the street in NYC, Salma Hayak in Balthazar, Dennis Rodman (he looks very dirty in person), and Gene Siskal.

Rebekah said...

Here I am delurking...have loved your stuff for quite a while after seeing it on flickr and am always around to check out your new posts.

It's a tough choice but I like Esteban Smythe the most. Here ribbon is adorable.

I just got into embroidery last winter after swearing that I'd never have the time or patience to finish anything. Thanks to lots of Sublime Stitching patterns and books I've found a new (and another) hobby that I love.