Thursday, July 26, 2007

star sightings and free stuff

Daniel Day-Lewis

So, I would be utterly remiss in not stating that I saw Daniel Day-Lewis yesterday. I must admit, I've never been starstruck, and the few actors I've seen on the road since I moved to NY have never moved me much. But this time my heart was thumping, my eyes got huge, and we even exchanged a look!

Of course the look I gave him was deer-in-the-headlights and the look he gave me was oh-no-please-don't-attack-me-you-strange-woman (but in a charming way, really). :) He was very thin and almost frail, and had a very concentrated seriousness about him. He held the hand of a tiny little boy as they walked down the street, and it was odd seeing his tall tall figure juxtaposed with the tiny rosy-cheeked child.

So of course I now have to summarize all the famous people I've seen since moving to NY, for your reading boredom... :)

Lauren Hutton, hailing a cab
Benjamin Bratt, with his wife Talisa Soto and baby, in a diner
Jonathan Rhys Meyers, standing on a stoop chatting with friends
Mike Myers, walking in Tribeca (he smiled!) :)
Ethan Hawke, walking with his little boy
Josh Hartnett(?) strolling through the East Village
Parker Posey walking her dog in the East Village

What about you? What famous people have you seen or would love to see? :) By the way, this just happens to be my 99th post! I never would have thought a blog about (mostly) my crafts would result in such long-windedness! And I've decided to be exactly like the rest of the blogging crafters and do a giveaway for my 100th post... maybe...

a monkey...
a family of 4

or some transfers... or crafty supplies? Or all of that combined? So tell me, what would be cool as a giveaway, and stay tuned for my next, 100th post (soon)!


Carol said...

I'm not sure if this really counts.
I was at an Elvis Costello concert back in the 80's, in a club *cough,under-age,cough* and after the show I darted to his Limo, where he was signing autographs out of the window. I saw a Coor's beer can lighter sitting on the tray in front of him and I stuck my hand in and grabbed hold of it, he in turn grabbed my wrist...... our eyes met and I asked if I could have it, he said yes! I squealed and then skipped all the way home lighting my lighter humming "Alison".
If that doesn't count then I saw Jacques Pepin (the chef)in my local CT Stop&Shop and I gushed and told him how much I loved his show on PBS with Julia Child (she was alive at the time), he was very snotty :(

floresita said...

Ha ha Carol I knew you were an underage thief! :P That's a hilarious story! Aww, and snotty celebrities, boo. That's the main reason I just pretend I don't see them, I'm snotty in reverse! ;)

Scribbles & Bits said...

Well, I work in theater so I do actually get to meet some famous people. Some of them are very nice and some of them are way too stuck on themselves. So I guess thet most fun one was seeing Randy Newman without his shirt. His tech rider asked for towels and the presenter had forgotten to get them so I ran and got some and brought them down to him. His manger was a VERY cranky lady, but he was so sweet and said thank you and everything.

Oh yeah, asfor giveaways, that's so sweet! I would think anyone would be thrilled with a monkey, although transfers and craft supplies are awesome, too!

Keri said...


George Bush Sr. petted my big scary dog once in a park in Houston. He'd been running with the secret service and he was all sweaty. My dog doesn't like people walking up to me so I was freaking out thinking he was going to bite him. Didn't happen though.

And in case you didn't get it the first time:


Jenne said... lucky. I LOVE Daniel Day Lewis... sigh....

My closest brush with celebrity was seeing Woopie Goldberg walking through Disneyland surrounded by her entourage. Less than thrilling. Maybe I'm not very observant, or perhaps I simply don't go ANYWHERE. :)

A monkey would be awesome. You should keep your transfers, their practically one of a kind!

sarah said...

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is the HOTNESS! Oh yes.

Jodi said...

My husband and I saw Robin Williams walking up Robson Street here in Vancouver a few years back. He is really short and hairy! He was wearing tall Dr. Martin boots and black shorts. My husband and I looked at each other at the same moment both thinking - is that HIM? When some guy yelled out of his convertible - "Hey Robin!" Then Robin smiled at us and we smiled back! Kinda boring but my only star sighting....

I would love, love, love un "changito"

Stitchado said...

i love your story carol! I love Elvis Costello *sigh*

i'm all for the monkeys! paisley brown is my absolute favorite :)

i saw Vince Vaughn almost two years ago, here in Chicago... he smiled :)

Raesha D said...

I love the monkeys!!! They are adorable!! My close encounters have been
-Ringing up kd Lang when I worked at Wild Oats
-Seeing Judge Reinhold at the Wild Oats in Santa Fe
-Meeting George Harrison when I worked at Wild Oats:):)
I guess they all involve Wild Oats! funny!!! I am the hugest Beatles fan and when I saw George in the store I ran to my office and pulled one of my Beatles pictures off the wall and asked if he would sign it - he said no. BUT I would have always regretted it if I had not at least tried:)

cinderelly said...

i saw will smith and the 'carlton' guy from fresh prince (they were really together!) in LA on rodeo drive once, and then we saw 'carlton' again in the LAX airport several years later. we saw keanu reeves in LA one time too.

Anonymous said...

Love your celebrity spottings, especially mike myers i think he is hilarious- i'm so glad that he smiled. I just love it when people are nice!
I think the monkeys would be a great giveaway, they are so cute! But embroidery patterns are always super cool too- well, obviously! :0)

Jenn Maruska said...

Those little plushies are adorable! : )

Olga said...

I never see anyone here in Austin, but I lived in New York for seven years, so I had a handful of sightings there. Off the top of my head...Will Smith walking up 58th Street with a friend, JFK Jr. in my building (he was with George Magazine at the time), and Al Pacino outside that same building. Oh, and Benjamin Bratt (filming a Law & Order episode).

I agree with Keri. MONKEY!

Gina E. said...

Definitely one of those cute monkeys for your giveaway!
I've been to the USA three times on holiday (but over 30 years ago!). One of the most exciting things to happen to me (apart from seeing Elvis (PRESLEY) in concert), was shaking hands with John Wayne. He was at a premiere of one of his films, and we had just arrived in time to see his limousine pull up. I happened to be standing right there as he got out of the car -AWESOME!!!

Rachel H. (burb_mama) said...

Oh man, Mike Meyers! I love him! I have such a crush on him.

So ... celebs on the street ... let's see. I saw Jake Gyllenhaal at Chuy's in Austin, and I swear I passed Jimmy Fallon on the street in New York, but was too scared to yell his name. When I was in high school, I interviewed Bobcat Goldthwait for my high school newspaper, does that count? Oh! And I interviewed Peter Hedges (author of What's Eating Gilbert Grape) that was fun.

Anyhow! Monkeys are fun! :)

Kim said...

I'm delurking to cast my vote for a monkey! The plaid one!

Though, really, anything at all would be quite generouso you :-)

Kim said...

Oh, and famous sightings....

-Ethan and Uma with their daughter, in a Tibetan restaurant (pre-divorce)
-Keri Russell in Club Monaco (post-Felicity, pre-MI3)
-Linda Evangelista at City Bakery (about 3 weeks before having her baby)
-Mo Rocca (post-Daily Show) walking down the street
-Michael Showalter (of The State and Wet Hot American Summer) as we exited the same apartment building
-Gwyneth Paltrow and Ben Affleck in Starbucks (pre-Oscar for Gwynnie, while they were dating)

jess said...

The monkeys are sooo cute!
I'm so jealous, the only famous person I've ever seen was Bob Saget.

Laren said...


I've met a few famous people but probably not famous enough for people outside of Australia to have heard of!


Carol said...

oooooo ooooooooo ooooooooo.....
Can I have another turn?
After a confusing conversation with my husband I remembered another (sort of)celebrity sighting. My husband mumbles a bit and told me that Joe Walsh (from The Eagles) died only he really said Steve Walsh (a football coach?)died. But this triggered the memory of a sighting back in the 80's. I was at a bed & breakfast in Vermont and I saw Joe Walsh sitting at the bar like a regular townie drinking a beer and you'll all be happy to know that I did not stalk him nor steal from him :)

Kimmie said...

I am so non-observant that if I have seen a celebrity I probably didn't realize it!

I love reading your blog and getting inspired by your beautiful embroidery. I also keep up with your Vintage Transfer Finds.

I have a question about transferring designs from online to the fabric and I figured who better to ask! What have you found is the best way to transfer? I have tried the dress-maker's carbon paper and it always turns out really light. I have alo tried the iron-on-transfer pencil but that only halfway showed up after I ironed it. Are there any magical ways to transfer that I am missing? I appreciate any words of wisdom!

Daughter of the King said...

First time at your blog...oh I love your paisley monkey..but really want one in a english you sell these....
this is a fun blog..and I too emboider and do this and that....and btw I saw Charleton Heston in the LA Airport one time...