Monday, August 27, 2007

anniversary monkeys

bride and groom monkeys

So, just when I thought I'd finally gotten all the monkeys out of my system... along came... the anniversary monkeys. Is monkey making a treatable addiction? If so, treatment will definitely be set back by all the "monkey enablers" in the household, like my boyfriend, his brother and girlfriend, and his sweet parents who are constantly giving me new monkey ideas... :)

In any case, there I was on Sunday morning, thinking of the elaborate dinner my boyfriend had planned for his parents, and feeling pretty empty-handed. So I whipped out my sketchbook, an old pair of slacks, and a beautiful white dress shirt I bought because I loved the fabric (but only wore once or twice). And, in 5 short hours, with the help of Pan's Labyrinth (such a gorgeous, sad, sad, movie) and a quiet room, I crafted up the anniversary monkeys.

It was a true testament to the moneys' cuteness that when I showed them to my boyfriend he broke out in giggles. I've never, ever heard him giggle. Not once. Ever. :)

special effects bridal photo

The parents loved the monkeys and showered the growing menagerie with sweet compliments. They brought up an idea a few people have brought up before, of selling the monkeys, which was flattering, but I wouldn't be able to sell these (I don't think) because they were crafted from a book pattern. But it did get me thinking that maybe I could draw my own design to sell? Hmmm... what do you think? Is a handmade monkey a sellable idea - and if so, what how much would you pay?

I just posted a fun Monkey Market Research Survey in my sidebar - tell me, what's the most you'd pay for a monkey! :) It might be a good way to work off my monkey-addiction! ;)


Rebekah said...

So cute. Love the idea of an anniversary monkey. I would buy one if you sold them. As for the price hmmm. I never think of that. I guess not more than $25.

Jenn Maruska said...

Monkeys are super cool right now - go for it! : )

Catherine Black said...

Of course, I'd pay for a monkey! Even better, a new design from you would surely be fab! Good luck! x

Hanane said...

I love love them. They are so cute and will live happily ever after!
Buy them yes then they could live happily ever after together at my house.

Stitchado said...

i thinks this pair are the cutest couple i've see :)

and yes! you should totally sell them.


They look fantastic:)

My son has a monkey that is practically thorn... but he loves it!

Scribbles & Bits said...

Cute cute cute!!!!