Tuesday, August 7, 2007

weekend in Cape May

the sea

Summers in New York city truly stink (both literally and figuratively, I kid you not) so we jumped at the chance to spend a long weekend in Cape May, New Jersey. I'd never heard of it before I went (like most places I've been to with my boyfriend), but it's this quiet little place on the beach that is filled with the most elaborate Victorian houses. I've seen historic districts in a few towns, but nothing like this - the colors and impeccable way the houses are maintained rivals anything I've ever seen:

     the Merry Widow like a cake

Every house was like a fairy tale house, or the doll houses I'd imagine as a child. I really loved this mysterious big white house (most were painted in bright colors), although my photo doesn't do this massive structure justice:

a white castle

I loved the "gingerbread house"-like details, especially these upper windows which reminded me of Hansel and Gretel:
a top window

I love places that are full of history, I like imagining how many different people have walked through the room I am standing in, or looked at the very same view. I like to think of the clothes they might have worn, and romanticize the whole riding in buggies thing (although I'm sure it was a very smelly affair). Cape May residents also have a thing for maintaining their gardens - there were gorgeous flowers everywhere we turned:

sampler in the antique store

Right before we left we hit the antique shops - something my boyfriend's parents were kind enough to humor me about. If I was alone, I know I'd look at every single thing there, but knowing I was on borrowed time I only looked at every other thing. :)

I found a couple of old samplers like this one, which inspired me to create a new Flickr group for samplers. Ha ha, I know, the last thing Flickr needs is another embroidery-related group, but do take a look if you're interested in samplers both new and old... Also, don't miss this charming dancing squash dish towel, complete with yellow crocheted edges and a messy back!

As usual, my favorite part of the trip was stalking birds and watching seagull shenanigans. I loved the big fake owls that do nothing to scare them away:

I pretty much did no swimming on this trip - ever since the tubing debacle I'm even less excited about the water. :) But there's something gorgeous about all beaches, particularly when I imagine women in white Edwardian dresses walking the same sand I walked in polka-dot flip flops. I have a lot of wonderful beach memories - as a kid we'd drive down to the Texas beach, get a camping permit, and sleep in (or on) our car. My favorite memory is waking up in the middle of the night, sticky, hot and itchy from the sand, but standing in complete awe of the ocean at midnight. It was dark, the moon shone on the water, making it silvery, and flying fish hopped up out of the waves, looking like they truly enjoyed their flight through the air. And so I leave you with the sea, and hope you have time to make memories like these...

last picture at the beach


Stitchado said...

Love all the houses, i think my favorite one is the pink one it looks like a big cake!...mmm...cake... ugh! and your pictures of the beach are beautiful! I've never been to Cape May, only Cape Cod and I thought that was such a nice peaceful place, we stayed right along the beach and saw some gorgeous sunsets. I too fear the water but somehow love to be near he ocean :)

Marilyn said...

Hello! I'm really enjoying your blog. I think I found you through Petunia. These pictures are gorgeous. I know what you mean about being in NY during the summer and feeling really gross. I hope to get away from it too for a few days.

Lila said...

OMG! Those houses are beautiful!..
Thanks for sharing these pictures, they really made my day =)

Lolita Blahnik said...

wow!!! great houses, like in fairy tales!!! awesome! and nice NY skyline draw, so simple and beautiful.

Minmade said...

Your little getaway looks wonderful. It's always great to spend time at the beach...makes me want to go this weekend!

Scribbles & Bits said...

I always wanted to live in a big Victorian! Now I know where I should move.

Cape Rower said...

Nice little post , I stumbled onto it tonight. I live here and you did our area justice. very nice pictures.

come again soon