Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I love

I was tagged a whole month ago by the lovely Anna - I'm sorry it took me so long to respond. I've done so many "things about me" posts, that I'm doing this differently - I dug up a list of things I love that I wrote during lunch weeks ago... :)

I love:
  • when blossoms rain down from tree branches

  • when stereo music pulses with a deep bass, like thunder

  • when sun dapples across the page I'm writing on

  • when wind ripples water

  • when people speak quietly and don't end their speech with a big finale

  • when people shy away

  • when people search for the right words and don't find them

  • when people shrug

  • when people wear a tender smile

  • when people help each other

  • when people you don't know, tuck your shirt tag in for you

  • when people (who often are in love) look into each other's faces with such wonderment, almost as if afraid, and with a look that says they are looking at the most wonderful thing on earth

  • when my sentences end right as a song ends

  • when bells ring:

Tell me a few things you love, on your blog, or as a comment... :)


Kimberly said...

fall mornings with a chill in the air, good books and a child to read them with, hot cocoa and apple pie.
All yummy.

Donna said...

Sitting at my desk at night when a cool breeze blows in the window. Watching my elder daughter read to my younger daughter. Popcorn made on the stove. The smell of old woodsmoke in a cabin. Walking into a new to me used book store. Slowly choosing fabric purchases.

Catherine Black said...

The smell of my husband, the warmth of his embrace, the sound of the sea, the taste of hot chocolate....x

Carol said...

I can't stop myself from tucking in stranger's tags and this embarrasses my kids to no end!

floresita said...

Thank you Kimberly, donna, and catherine - those are all such wonderful things! :)

Hee hee, Carol, I knew there was a reason I love you! :) My tags are always sticking out!

IamSusie said...

I love fall's clear chilly days. I love the smell of a campfire. I love the giddy happiness of my children playing together without argument. I love it when the clerks at the store can see that I am lost in a private shopping reverie and leave me completely alone. I love when they roll out the fabric on the bolt at the cutting table at the fabric store and I get a good look at the glorious color and pattern. I love tight closeups of stitching details...

Geek+Nerd said...

wow - I had never heard that Mazzy Star song before! I downloaded it immediately! Thanks for the new favorite :)

woof nanny said...

Thanks for posting that video--I'll be buying that CD now. I love being exposed to things I haven't heard previously.

Deb said...

Finding new blogs that inspire me.

Scribbles & Bits said...

I'm very late to respond, but I love that very first time I can smell fall (that crisp coolness), the first taste of something esp. if it's a new-to-me food or drink, photocopies that are still warm (that one must sound really dumb, but it's true).

woof nanny said...

I should mention that after I posted that comment earlier, your post sent me on a wild chase through You Tube. Hours and hours of exploring Hope Sandoval, Jesus and the Mary Chain, etc. Then onto other artists. I have become so enamored with the videos, I have started posting a video each week. Video Sunday, I call it. And though few if any people comment, I keep posting. It's really the first time I have truly posted something for my own enjoyment, not hoping for response.

woof nanny said...

My VERY belated reply