Saturday, September 22, 2007

in my moleskine


I was flipping through the latest Vogue and not liking most of what I saw. My favorite was Shalom Harlow, who is one of the most gorgeous women on earth. I was listening to "Angel Baby" when I pasted these together...

a few days ago, another lunchtime painting:
lunchtime painting - my old room

I think a lot of this room I lived in years ago - a tiny apartment in an old house in Texas. It was truly a dump when I moved in, but I was strapped for cash and it was the cheapest I could find. I painted the walls red to make it cozy but that winter was still very cold. I remember feeling lonely at that time, so I'd surround my bed with books to feel less lonely...

And of course, more monkeys:
graph paper, colored index cards, post-its
This is what happens when I'm left alone with scissors, graph paper, colored index cards, and post-its... :) Thank you to everyone who responded to my last post - reading the things you love filled me with a happy glow - I wish you all lots and lots of things you love this weekend... :)


Olga said...

Shalom has *always* been my favorite. I have a serious girl crush on her.

I love that picture of you in your red room. It reminds me of Sandra Cisneros's "Bay Poem from Berkeley," where she compares the weight of books on the other side of her bed to an absent lover. Do you know it? I can email it to you if you want. xoxo

Scribbles & Bits said...

And still late in commenting, but I used to do the same thing with books and magazines around my bed! Actually, I guess I still do, but I always thought it was my own quirk. I'm glad to know that someone else finds relief that way, as well!