Thursday, September 6, 2007

lunchtime painting - Maine

lunchtime painting - maine

Our last weekend trip of the summer was Maine (which I was thinking about when I did the lunchtime painting above, today). I've been laying the gouache paint on pretty thick and opaque, so I thought I'd experiment with light and watercolor-y. And as I did that, the strangest memories came flooding back, with every tiny brushstroke I'd get a glimpse of painting with my sister in her watercolor class, as a child. I remembered chasing the little bead of paint around the paper very carefully to achieve different effects, and as I painted, hearing the teacher's instruction on how the paint dries, how colors will change, to not spend too much time in any one spot. Amazing how memories like that can spring up with just a few flicks of a brush....

Since I still had plenty of greens and blues left over, I started doodling on another page in my moleskine:

doodles with my extra paint

I especially loved the little bird, because I made him in just 5-6 strokes of green and blue. It was only the big black eye that went awry... :) I also love the boy in the striped shirt that "appeared" on the right. When I first set the brush to the paper I was thinking girl, but the hairstyle and the eyebrows created the boy... :) On the left (in my crummy cursive) is a story about my lunchtime painting the day before. The lopsided shoes were drawn on the train (I blame the sudden stops).


kalurah said...

such lovely watercolours, Flor.
I wish I had the alone-time to take it up again!
you've really inspired me to try and CREATE some time, though!

floresita said...

Thanks kalurah! I totally recommend trying painting - if you're like me it will be very relaxing! :)