Monday, September 17, 2007

monkey experiments #2 and #3

stripey pants monkey

So, to all of you talented pattern-makers out there, first of all, let me say I have a newfound appreciation for your art! As you know, I've been trying to design a monkey of my own and sheesh, it is no simple task. Quite simply, there's no guarantee on cuteness. So, allow me to introduce you to experimental monkeys #2 and #3. I first made monkey #2 out of a stretchy light grey material and he looked ridiculous. His body was too long, his belly was huge and weird and all the felt faces I'd cut for him just didn't look right. So I gave up on him and he sat, half stuffed on a chair for a week and half until last night, when I started making Stripey monkey:

Mr. Stripey monkey

Stripey monkey was only slightly better than my previous monkey. He, was also too long, his arms seemed kinda big and funny, and I struggled with the face. I was about to give up, looking at these 2 really wonky guys, half-stuffed and half-sewed on the bed.

I was watching 2 excellent movies for monkey making - first, King Kong (only the first half - the second half depresses me), and second, Anchorman. Anchorman is worth watching if only for the awesome street fight between all the different network news shows - ha ha, Ben Stiller as the Spanish language news guy rocks! :)

So, cheered up by this nonsense, I unstuffed them, snipped them both in half and swapped their bottoms, so voila, monkey #2 wears stripey pants and monkey #3 wears gray pants:

hanging around

So what do you think? Are either of these two characters worth their stuffing? :)


Catherine Black said...

Aw these are so cute! I love the stripey trousers, and the combination of colours is just right. Have you named them yet? x

Average Jane Crafter said...

They are adorable! There's something about stripey pants that gives him a feel of an old school (like 30s or 40s) body builder, and stripey top looks like he's a man of the 70s. So, to me, they look like they've popped in from their own eras. Very cute!

Kimberly said...

shhhh they can hear you ya know! Think of their self esteem for goodness sake!
they are wonderful.

Olga said...

I love the stripey pants also...I thought they were very 60s mod! Oh, Flor, any monkey you make is pretty darn cute.

Chris Salley said...

Hi! I read your blog all the way in Cincinnati. I really like monkey #3. I found The Cute Book this weekend and made the bunny. Thanks for having a great blog.

Monica said...

I love le carotte long body a lot, but this new variation on your design is really cool too. They have a 60's-70's vibe to them, and their faces are so fresh and sweet. Totally cool monkeys!!

Mamameo said...

Cutie patooties! Love em! And that awesome nail polish!

Kimmie said...

Hello! I also read your blog from Cincinnati (Chris and I are friends) and love it. I think that the Monkey Experiments are cute and full of character. I especially love that they're wearing pants. Monkeys in pants make me happy. I think they even deserve real names!

Andrea said...

Man, I love your stripey monkey so-o-o much it's not even funny. I think he's the cutest stuffed monkey I've ever seen, although I do like monkey #2's face more.