Tuesday, October 16, 2007

me and mami

me and mami

Nothing much to say, just a sweet picture of me and my mom. I went back to scanning more family pictures, as I've done every Fall before Christmas. It always coincides with the time I miss my family most. Lately I've been thinking of my grandmother a lot, and doing a few sketches here and there...


Jennifer said...

What a wonderful photo! Thank you for sharing it.

Happy Zombie said...

Reading this post, as well as the one about your Ita... just has my heart swelling. I call my mom Mami... my kids call me Mami (well... "MOM" now a days). I'm guessing you pronounce it "mummy" too (our family is German/Mexican). My Ita always had a bible in her hand too. That and the 4 or 5 tote bags of crocheting she used to lug around.

I'm so moved by your posts... what a nice treat for me! :o)