Sunday, November 11, 2007

cuteness experiments

Some of you may remember my last monkey experiments, and that I was thinking of making some monkeys to sell. le Carotte remembered, and was getting pretty impatient... But I was really uninspired by my efforts - they just weren't cute enough!

Don't believe me? Take a look:
before cuteness modifications

Okay, I know people tend to say nice things on blogs, but even I can't say anything nice about these two... they were just... weird looking... like scary old men... and not the nice kind. :)

Even le Carotte wasn't happy with his new cousin:
totally unrelated

Frankly, he had serious doubts they were related. I was so bummed about le Carotte's cousin until... the cuteness modifications!

before:not cute after:cute

Isn't it amazing the difference a few tweaks on a face can make? Ok, maybe it's just me, but before he looked like a grumpy old man and now he looks like a cute little monkey. I was so pleased I also made "cute modifications" on the other monkey:


Now le Carotte is much happier with his new cousin, Edgar:

What do you think? Were the cuteness experiments successful?


Bitterbetty said...

I think that is great. The eyes a little bit closer to the mouth made all the difference..and a monkey always looks better with accessories!

jess said...

Super cute! I really like how you modified the mouth.

Drewzel said...

They do look "cuter" after your modifications! But I must say, I liked them too beforehand, sometimes supercuteness is overdone, and they looked like they had cool personalities. But either way, I think they look great! And I'm not even a monkey person!

Catherine Black said...

Aw these are cute dudes!

IamSusie said...

faces are key! I fiddle with faces more than anything else. Eyes lower on the face always work. Carefully chosen accessories are very important too!

Estefanita said...

I don't care - they're still cute. BTW, I need to call you for advice.

I need to make a gecko. And he has to stand ... and be furry. Help!