Thursday, December 20, 2007

Alice's story

Alice knows winter is coming because that’s when her ears begin to tingle. Being an all-white (and extremely rare and unphotographed) tailless monkey, she creates quite a stir wherever she goes. But make no mistake: she loves the attention!

She had a very normal and unglamorous parentage, born to 2 monkeys of median age in the deep Congo. Yet her all-white coat made her famous from birth and she was passed from monkey aunt to monkey uncle as they all scratched their heads in amazement.

It was concluded that Alice must be a descendant of the fabled snow monkeys of Mount Kilimanjaro, who haunt the icy slopes, often pelting unwitting climbers with snowballs just before they reach its crest.

Alice, for her part, was content with jungle life, but something within her searched for…something more. With this in mind, she began a friendship with a local Dutch explorer, Vim Weederens, who had studied the monkey colony from his cabin with much curiosity.

After much careful thought she decided to join Vim on his worldwide travels, and after a tearful goodbye to her parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, she boarded Vim’s schooner, headed for a world of endless adventures.

Though their adventures were numerous and manifold, her favorite had to have been their caper on the icy uncharted islets south of Africa. It was there that she learned to ice-skate, befriended her first penguin, and celebrated her first Christmas with Vim and the crew.

Vim and his crew of old sea dogs had been lured southward by tales of the Peppermint Narwhal, who could only be seen on Christmas Eve. Alice and crew had knitted festive elf-stockings to keep them warm and cozy during their Christmas Eve vigil on the deck. It had been a long, frosty day that mellowed into a white, milky darkness and they celebrated with occasional jigs to warm up.

Suddenly, a cry from Vim brought the drowsy crew to its feet – Alice leaped onto Vim’s shoulder and saw, just past the bow of the ship, the candy-cane horn of the Peppermint Narwhal.



Alice Likes:
the films of Ingmar Bergman
sleigh bells
cherry popsicles

naughty schnauzers
brussel sprouts

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