Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm alive! (with a finished monkey painting)

Hee hee, I went to see Xanadu on Saturday and it was super-fabulous, hilarious, and beyond dorky (but at least, on purpose). It's a Broadway spoof of the awful 80's Olivia Newton-John movie.

Watch this clip if you want to see how much they had to make fun of:

Kerry Butler was hilarious, and so gorgeous, has the voice of an angel, etc. etc. I watched this guy stare at her like he was proposing marriage the whole show. And a show is pretty seriously funny when the middle aged man in front of you cracks up so hard his wife thinks he's choking. It was that funny.

Watching Broadway shows, by the way, is always out of this world - even bad shows are good - it's just guaranteed you're going to see someone 5,000 times more talented than anyone you've ever met. Talented, beautiful, perfect pitched, elegant on skates, can do a full split while standing on their head and singing at the same time... yeah, that kind of talent. The only person I know who is that talented (ok, minus the standing on one's head and doing a full split) is my best friend, and I'm 100% not saying that just because she's my best friend.

I also finally added a message to the painting of Filbert:
a heart for you

Thanks for all the suggestions you made! I loved the idea of "heart on your sleeve" but I was worried I'd muck it up if there were too many words to paint! So I kept it simple instead (and French). He now says "a heart"... "for you". Last of all I applied a coat of varnish to protect it and... I so don't like the varnish. It's too glossy for my taste - although after a day of drying it has settled down a bit:

a glossy finish

My next painting I will definitely try the matte varnish instead. Hope you guys like this! This little guy is going to be a gift for a very special someone in honor of Valentine's Day... and I already have another romantic monkey painting planned.... :)


Average Jane Crafter said...

Wa-hoa! When did the blog change!? I love it! I'm usually reading through Google Reader, so when I clicked over - boom! - beautiful surpise! I love it!!!!!

And I"m so jealous you saw Xanadu, and that you are just so close to Broadway that you can just "go" ... sigh! My husband always rolls his eyes when I start singing "Have to believe we are magic .... " hahahah!

Love the painting - great work! :)

IamSusie said...

You are so right about Broadway shows. People who think they don't like stage musicals have never seen the real thing on Broadway. Not only are the performers the most talented people possible, but the entire production: sets, lighting and, sound glisten with perfection and quality. I wish it wasn't so expensive to visit NYC...

floresita said...

He he Rach - I'm glad you like the new look! I was getting sick of the blue and in a "pink" mood, I guess... :) You would LOVE the musical, I'm, sure of it!

You're right Susie - I think I was one of those people back in the day - I thought musicals would be cheeseball, etc, but when you're there, the whole production is so overwhelming. I'm lucky I have a boyfriend who goes to shows - can you believe it was his idea? :)

Marilyn (Pulp Sushi) said...

Oooh a new look? I'm pretty picky when it comes to Broadway shows. The last one I saw was Sweeney Todd and I looooooved it!!

The painting looks fantastic. I'm sure the receipient will be very happy. :)

Kristin said...

the broadway show sounds like SO much fun!! I'm LOVING the monkey painting too.... SO sweet!!!

I also wanted to let you know that I'm hosting a recipe contest over on my blog - go check it out if you get a chance! :)