Monday, January 21, 2008

a second monkey portrait; assorted ramblings

monkey yesterday

So, right after finishing my first monkey portrait, I dove right into another one which I've worked very slowly on for the past week. Progress has been slow because I'm doubtful about the colors - it looks a bit too much like the last one...

Wet paint and dry paint look SO different, so this has gone through many stages:

I haven't decided how to frame my portrait of Siegfried, so I put him in numerous "virtual" frames, thanks to the magic of Photoshop. I loved this one most, because it looked especially dramatic:


On Wednesday I knit most of a Golden Compass hat with my good knitting friend. We watched an old Dean Martin and Judy Holiday film called Bells Are Ringing. I loved, of course, the late 50's fashion, the cheesy ads, and the silly musical numbers. On my way back from her apartment I realized it was a Wendesday night and everyone else on the street was Dean Martin-drunk. I love looking at way drunk people and thinking "Have I ever looked like that?" :)

I walked in the path of 3 huge drunk guys who were linebacker size and 6'4 apiece. I tried to squeeze in between 2 of them to get by, and when I almost ran into one I said very quietly, "Excuse me." As soon as I was past them, he turned around and yelled "What the f--- did you say, bitch?" I decided that wasn't the best time to turn around and repeat "Excuse me", so I just kept walking. Seriously, I think people should have a license for drinking, just like you have for driving. And violent drunks should get their drinking license revoked. :)

This cold weather makes me even more of a homebody - I love few things more than spending time by the window, watching cars and people pass below, like a contented feline. I've been thinking about how difficult it is for me to focus on one thing - it's taken me a long time to notice. I love beginning things, but finishing is hard for me.

I feel like I just put everything out there into the void - take tons of photos and upload them all, and write and write and write, and somewhere in the mass of color and sound I find little snippets of beauty... a lot like this messy Moleskine page, which reminds me of the thoughts in my head... I've noticed how much I love the "design-y" type Flickr users with perfect photo streams that are minimal and expressive, and everything seems to fit together. My stream, and my brain, are nothing like that - which I sometimes feel guilty about. I guess I hope that people watching can also pick out the few good ideas, the few little diamonds that inspire me...

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Rebekah said...

Love all your monkeys. They are so cute.

I wanted to comment that I love that movie. The Bells are Ringing. I watched it for the first time in 5th grade then began my love for old movies. Now the song is stuck in my head.

Thanks for letting me ramble. Have a good day.