Monday, January 14, 2008

painting progress...

almost almost finished :)

Okay, I admit it, I didn't get a lot of painting done this weekend, but I did at least give Siegfried a face and paint his romantic message... By the way, thank you everyone for your great suggestions and support for my painting progress! I LOVED the idea of embroidering Siegfried's face (thanks Rach!), but in the end decided not to because I really need to practice doing fine lines (which I am currently crummy at). :)

I even like the way Siegfried looks without his message:
with face

I still have the whole circle/frame area to tackle this week. I'm trying to decide if I'll paint the ornate frame and if or how I'll stretch the canvas and/or frame it. Believe it or not, it keeps me up at night. :)

One teensy question for you guys: I painted Siegfried's mouth a bit... crooked. Is it charming or annoying? I find myself craning my head sideways every time I look at him which could be just me... I don't know.

Through the magic of photoshop I corrected his mouth - which one looks better to you?
mouth tweaked almost almost finished :)


Tina said...

Wow you make your own canvas? :) I think he's cute... both with the photoshop'ed mouth and with the real one :) You are good at this!

Jenne said...

I say leave it as is -- it makes him look thoughtful, contemplative, perhaps slightly perplexed, perhaps by love.

Chris Salley said...

You should put him in a embroidary hoop! But then your embroidary projects will be really jealous. I like his mouth the way it is.

Mamameo said...

Gosh..i think his mouth is perfect the way it is.

Stitchado said...

he's just a sweet monkey!
i can't wait to see how you finish this painting, i think his mouth is just fine.