Tuesday, January 1, 2008

time in Texas

Christmas hearts me

Here I am, back from Texas already, and trying hard to believe I'll be going back to work tomorrow... :(

Here is what I embroidered on my favorite hoodie on the plane:

what I did on the plane
With no movie to entertain me I was left to my own devices for 4 hours. And all this without scissors - 4 hours of chewing through embroidery floss and trying to discreetly pull fuzz out of my teeth... :)

hope you had a happy Holiday

On Christmas Eve, I made my best friend a snow monkey who, as you can see, enjoys gifts. We had a big plan to make Christmas cookies but instead spent most of our time at the supermarket choosing nail polish... :) I think I'm getting to that age where Christmas is a bit of a letdown - you plan and expect so much, and it's over too quickly.

Not to be goopy, but seeing my 2 year old niece perform in her preschool Christmas pageant did brighten my arrival:
the reason why she was the angel

I don't usually say goofy stuff like "she's an angel" but she's an angel. As my mom would say... "with horns" because she's also very stubborn. Just a few words and thoughts on this first day of the year. I hope your day was full of those you love and beautiful. :)


Average Jane Crafter said...

Aw, man! You need to get a yarn cutter - the little round thingies that you slide the yarn (or floss) through and it cuts. They allow those on planes. It's not as nice as little snippy snips (as I like to call them) but it helps! ;)

And you were in Texas!? How did I miss that!? If you were in Austin, I'm super bummed that we may have missed an opp to actually meet in real life. (I'm spelling it out instead of using IRL, because that seems creepy to me. ;)

Happy New Year!

floresita said...

Ah ha ha Rach - I'm so old and crotchety I would've had to stare at "RL" for awhile before it hit me what it was! ;)

Awww... I'm bummed too - although traffic to and from SA is detestable - hey you know I went to UT? 8 years ago!

Anyway, Happy New Year to you, too, friend!!! :)

Olga said...

Happy New Year, Floresita! Your calaca is super awesome...I'm contemplating how I'll kill time on the plane when I fly back from Chicago to Austin next week. Your niece is beautiful! You absolutely should get goopy about your niece on your blog...heck, other people have their pets, why shouldn't we gloat over nieces and nephews!

Carol said...

Happy New Year Flor!

Estefanita said...

she is so beautiful - I'm telling you she looks just like your mom! Next year we make cookies!! 3 dozen of them :)

Valerie said...

Nail clippers work well, too - I try to remember to throw a pair into my project bag.

Happy New Year!

Bella Modiste said...

You've been tagged for the Amazing Blogger Award!

Stitchado said...

Feliz Año Nuevo Floresita!

you are so versatile flor, that skull looks awesome!

Stitcher S said...

I love the sweatshirt!

Happy New Year to you, too.

cara said...

so no problems with needles in your carry on luggage? I'm surprised. Beautiful work as always.