Wednesday, February 6, 2008

cat therapy, the way home, bad poem taggage

cat on a sofa

It's been awhile since you've seen a craft here, no? Well, here's one for you - the cute felt cat I sewed to cheer myself up. It's from a sweet Japanese (?) craft book my friend gave me for Christmas. I fell in love with the wonky-eyed cats and had to make one.

cute cat

Here's the cute/creepy kitty in my hand for scale. :) On my way home I saw the man who carries his cat on his head (I've seen 2 in New York) and this was the third time I'd seen this particular one. I was not in a great mood, I felt dreamy and bored, and looked at the sky and tops of buildings a lot, as if this might lift my mood.

While I was doing this, a short Hispanic man passed me on the right and said "you walk like..." and I conveniently, magically tuned out the rest thanks to my Ipod. I began to imagine all the kind and romantic things he most certainly did not say like "you walk like an angel, floating," or "you walk like you're dreaming of many serene things..." (Not that I think I walk like an angel or that I was thinking serene things - it just seemed like a nice thing to hear). Rather than what he most likely did say which was probably "you walk like a horse's ass." :)

There was a preponderance of tiny, fluffy dogs on the street, I almost thought they were on parade. :) I also wrote a bad poem while waiting in the subway, which I will now inflict on you:

At times I get angry with New York
for being so ugly and being so beautiful
for having, at every time and moment
so many ugly and beautiful things
so many different things, everywhere to be found
but never, it seems, that one thing
that one thing I'm always trying to find.

By the way, if you read this, you are tagged! I want to read one poem from all of you - in the comments or on your blog... :) It can be bad, it can be good, it can be something you wrote or just something you like.

Also, please continue to weigh in on what you want to see more of on this blog - I have a poll in sidebar. So far embroidery is in the clear lead... :)


jane said...

i heart those bright blue marbley cartoon kitty eyes.

Not so much a poem, but you if you must, consider it would be Post-Modern if anything. :D

IamSusie said...

I like seeing all your creative musings, not just embroidery. I think I have that Japanese book that has that adorable kitty. I made a black version for a Halloween swap.

No poetry from me, but when I was a kid, I thought this was the most difficult tongue twister:

"Unique New York"

I don't have any trouble saying it now, but I practiced a lot.

Deb said...

When I lived in Manhattan I would take my cat out for walks. He seemed to like skulking along in his harness but if too many other people were on the sidewalk he would take fright and want to ride on my shoulder (under my long hair) peering out from his now safe tower. It must have looked like I had two heads.

Lisa PN said...

oh, i love that japanese kitty!

There is a man here in Toronto who walks around toronto with two cats on his shoulder. They are pretty small, so it's a bit of a surprise as he has long hair. i love them. they lie on his shoulders relaxed and happy. it's awesome.

"i think that i shall never see
A poem as lovely as a tree"

i learnt that when i was about 7. Don't know who wrote it, but i love it.

Frizz said...

Hey, hey you make my day!
Please see my blog
if you want to play!!

I nominated you for the Make My Day Award.

Frizz said...

I said you were embroidalicious on my blog but you are really everythingalicious!

I like your paintings and softies as well as your embroideries. I like seeing everything you do!

Marilyn (Pulp Sushi) said...

I have been seeing WAY too many cute things today. I love the kitty!

And the view outside your window looks familiar. :)

Marilyn (Pulp Sushi) said...

I'm also a horrible poet

And you know it


Monica said...

What a cute cat! Love the eyes!

j said...

hi- stopped by and am enjoying your blog. I love your paintings and the words.

Lisa pn's poem is called Trees, by Joyce Kilmer; here on Bartleby:

here's another favorite from elementary school, and makes me dream of spring: The Daffodils

and here, one I love, from William Carlos Williams: This Is Just To Say

j said...

and this:

No more rhyming now, I mean it.
Anybody want a peanut? :)

woof nanny said...

I love this kitty. Cat therapy--what a wonderful concept.

Drewzel said...

I love the kittah!!

Ack, now I have to write a poem:

There once was a girl called Floresita,
For a pattern collection you couldn't beat her,
She liked to paint and do a stitch,
For she had definitely found a niche,
In creating things with love for me and you!

...oh well, at least I didn't take it into the gutter - which is so easy to do with these sort of poems!! hahah.

Drewzel said...

By the way, no apologies for rhyming!

And I'd definitely take a bunny out on a leash if I was leaving the house with it. They're wilful little critters, and prone to naughtiness :P

Jennifer Ramos said...

awww these are sooo CUTE!!

Jen Ramos
'100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards'