Saturday, February 9, 2008

featuring some cubicle wall art and your genius poems

I hate cubicles. My first (sort of) real job out of college I was so exited to have my very own desk, and it turned out to be... a cubicle. Words cannot express the waves of boredom and sadness that washed over me as I looked down to see gray carpet, a manila-colored plastic desk, a manila-colored computer monitor, keyboard and mouse, manila-colored cubicle walls, and when I opened up my big plastic-y desk drawer, voila! My very own manila file folders. No color anywhere. I thought I was being punished for being very bad.

all together

In the present day I still work in a cubicle. Don't get me wrong, there are lots of things I love about my job - the cubicle, however, is not one of them. So in a bored 15 minutes after the work of the day was done, this little monkey collage "appeared" on one of the cubicle walls. And it was not enough that the monkeys were cheeky, cute, and rainbow-colored, their little faces also seemed to beg for names.

So, meet Lily, Humbert, Edwin, Penelope, Auguste, and Stanhope:
lily humbert edwin
penelope auguste stanhope

Yes, I know Stanhope is strangest of all, being an all-green monkey he looks a bit Frankenstein-ish - and it doesn't help that I smeared his mouth while I was glueing him. So far Lily and Humbert are my favorites... :) Are any of you cursed to work in a cubicle? How do you make your spaces happy? :)

Onward to Poetry Homages...

Thank you everyone for humoring me with your poems, both good and bad! I must draw attention to the considerable talents of Jane, who writes of the felt kitty:

i heart those bright blue marbley cartoon kitty eyes.

and from Marilyn, who unabashedly rhymes as she says:

I'm also a horrible poet

And you know it

And Frizz, who honored me with a "make your day" poem - thanks! I'll be putting together a post on those who make my day soon! :)

Lisa shared a poem that was a favorite of a good friend of mine - thanks for bringing back a happy memory:

i think that i shall never see

A poem as lovely as a tree

Also, thank you Susie for proving to me I never thoroughly learned the English language! Can any of you say "unique New York" 3 times? I sure as heck can't! :)

And as for carrying one's cat on one's head in Manhattan, it totally makes sense now, thanks Deb. I still freak out when I see a cat on a leash. But not as much as I freaked out when I saw a bunny on a leash. People will put anything a leash in Manhattan... :) Have a good weekend, friends! According to that poll it looks like I have a date with some embroidery projects. Details soon! :)


g said...

I think Humbert is my favorite - I love the grid paper! They're all very cute though - I especially like the little name plates you made for them.

hodge podge said...

someone told me the other day that they recently saw a man walking a PIG on a leash in manhattan!!! do you know the book 'working for the man, inspiring and subversive projects for residents of CUBICLE land? i think you need it! i was given a copy but since i work at home i have no use for it, but i would love to send it to you if you don't have it... send me your address and it's done ;o)

Kristin said...

just LOVELY! I can't pick a favorite!! :)

Also wanted to let you know I'm having a contest over on my blog, so if you want to, stop on by and check it out!