Thursday, February 21, 2008

Flashback Friday : can you pick me out of a crowd?

that's me

Thanks for your guesses Nancy, Heather, and Jane! But there I am, in the unpardonably mom-looking jeans on the left. And ha ha, Jane, you are so right about me being "peeved"! I was no doubt wanting to get back to my Nabokov paper, and fast. Did you notice my little navy blue sandals? I scored those shoes brand new at a thrift store, and if you're getting grandma vibes, you're 100% right. Those are the little comfort sandals old ladies wear. And I still think it's a bit humorous that a photo touting UT's diversity has 3 white guys in it. :) The girl doing the fashionable swoon is my dear roommate, who I'd love to get back in touch with by the way. Are you out there, Cassie? Hope you're doing well... Thanks for playing along, guys!


flashback Friday - can you pick me out of a crowd?

Imagine, if you will, a gray day in Austin, Texas in the late 90's. The scene of the crime: the sprawling UT Austin campus with an enrollment of 40,000 plus. Don't remember the late 90's? Well, back then Scream 2 had just been released and every textbook bag had a CK One ad stuffed into it. It was cool to look normal and wear jeans. Some even took this as inspiration to wear mom jeans. Let's not go there.

In any case, my roomie at the time somehow rustles us all up against a wall (as we're such an ethnically diverse bunch) and her aspiring photographer friend snaps away. "Ooh, this is just like the Calvin Klein ads" one of us may have exclaimed. (Although I doubt that anyone who read the Daily Texan shared this opinion.) This photo inspires all kinds of inner "ewwwws" from me. But I'm sharing it with you nonetheless - for kicks, I guess, or maybe because I'm a glutton for punishment. :)

Can you pick me out of this crowd? Update above: I have been picked! :) Okay, I know there's only 2 female faces, but do play along please. The winner gets... the satisfaction of recognizing me in a bad photograph. And the happiness of knowing this is not you. :)


Nancy said...

I got to guess the girl on the right......slouching down looking cool!!

jane said...

I say the girl on the left with the crossed arms and peeved look on her face.

Heather said...

I say the girl on the right with her eyes closed.

Be grateful the mom jeans aren't tight rolled!

CalicoDaisy said...

I love Texas. I went to Trinity in San Antonio and loved every minute there. I spent a little time on Sixth Street in Austin, but the best view was at the UT aquatorium watching a boyfriend from TCU compete in a swim meet - not to mention watching all the other well-shaped swimmers! So long ago... I was the class of
1986. Now I have son heading out to college. Don't blink! The years go by fast...
-- Michele

Olga said...

Late 90s! Hey, we almost crossed paths! (Yes, it's true, I've been in grad school a very long time now.) I got to Austin in 1999.