Sunday, February 3, 2008

a lunchtime painting and weekend craftiness

lunchtime painting: you are a poem

Here is Friday's lunchtime painting: You are a poem. It began as a tiny thumbnail the day before - being part of 365 Sketch has inspired me to paint a little something almost every day. On the left is a lovely snow monkey, on the right an amorous green monkey in a fuzzy hat who points to his particularly amorous message: "vous êtes une poème écrit sur la neige." To my French-speaking friends, am I saying something ridiulous? What I meant to say was "you are a poem written in the snow"...

One of my favorite things about my lunchtime paintings is the setup (odd, I know), but I love taking all my paint tubes out, one by one and lining them up carefully by color, pouring water into my cup, pulling out a few paper towels and starting with a pencil sketch. I also love putting all my things away very neatly, cleaning my brushes, wiping my paint tray - strangely I'm a very messy person but about this one thing I am very neat. People still eye me curiously but I mostly ignore them - things feel very vital while I draw and paint, my awareness seems much sharper and it's the perfect cure for any rainy day, which Friday most certainly was.

I bought a hot egg drop soup on the way home and exulted in the fact that it was pouring but I was warm and cozy, and one block away from home. I watched "La Vie en Rose" which I'd been wanting to see for awhile - Marion Cotillard was sad and dazzling. I love to watch long movies like this by myself so I don't feel guilty when my brain tunes out.

On Saturday I sat and drank coffee and basically wondered what to do next:
what's next...

day 5 of 365 sketch: fabric swatches

I lined up all the monkey paintings I've done so far, but didn't feel inspired. So I didn't do any painting Saturday, and instead did some procrastinating and tv-watching. Today was my most productive day this weekend - at church I had a brainstorm, and jotted a sketch on the back of a chinese takeout receipt.

I've been meaning to do the fabric swatches in hoops thing for months now, but I really suck at hanging things on walls. It's always too wonky or too boringly symmetrical. This sketch helped boost my confidence and I set to work trimming, stretching, and banging tacks into the wall (as quietly as possible).

on the wall

I arranged the fabric swatches around an antique photo my boyfriend bought on Ebay a few months ago - I liked having her surrounded by fabric so she could be my patron saint of craftiness... She's a tiny bit creepy, no?

The fabric, by the way, is all from my boyfriend's beautiful dress shirts. He routinely throws out his shirts if they get the tiniest of stains, (seriously, he sees things that are pinprick-size) so I recycle them and use them to make monkeys and other crafts. I like how they're all subdued plaids and stripes, so they don't look like "normal" crafty fabrics....

And lastly I just have to share with you my sister's monkey masterpiece:
my sister's masterpiece

I gave her my first monkey for Christmas, and she surprised me today with this awesome portrait. She's so talented, patient and amazing - I love how accurately she rendered Esteban, down to the tiny buttons on his scarf. Oddly, my favorite part is the paint bottle on the left - isn't it lovely? It's sketchy and detailed all at once. I'm sure that if it wasn't for her I would have never picked up a pencil - I love her more than words - thank you hermanita! :)


Jenne said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the green monkey with his tall hat and orange scarf. So bright and cheerful. I think he reminds me of a sloth. And spring.

Your sister's painting is just charming!

floresita said...

Hee hee. I love how my monkeys look like anything but. A sloth is particularly charming to me!!! :) Thank you for your sweet comment!