Tuesday, February 19, 2008

several happy things and an award ceremony

donkey #2 donkey #1

First, here's the embroidery I've been promising above. As you can see, donkey #2 is in progress, and to tell the truth I'm not crazy happy with the colors I used on donkey #1... These little guys are from a vintage Vogart pattern (#133) - you can find the free pattern on my stitching friend Drewzel's blog: free donkey pattern

pearl craft center

My stitching friend also sent me on a photo assignment to Canal St. to photograph the decrepit craft store I blogged a few posts ago. So here it is, in all its glory, mouldering in the rear alley behind Pearl Paint: the Pearl Craft Center.

Don't let that fresh coat of exterior paint fool you - every building nearby is a creepy, graffiti-covered warehouse and the interior is delightfully dusty.

Canal St. is always a madhouse, any time of day, any time of year - even on Monday when the weather was gray and dreary:

I didn't get a good, people-crowding-your-every-move photo, but trust me it's nuts. Not as nuts as Macy's but nutty, grimy, cheap and sketchy in its own right. Whenever I spend time in a place like this I need a day or so to decompress, to just sort of "un-people" myself. :)

Much earlier that morning, after gorging myself on a French pastry and grainy coffee, I decided to round out the debauchery by not taking a long walk. Instead I poked my head into Petco, which is never a good idea for a pet freak like myself. About a year ago, when the last of my 3 beloved bettas finally died after a slow, saddening decline I swore I'd never get a fish again, but there I was, staring at the bettas and the dwarf hamsters. And I emerged with this lovely lady, whom we will call "Maude":

I've decided she's twice as intelligent as any other fish I've had and I'm totally charmed.

You Make My Day Award
I received the "You Make My Day" Award from 3 people! Aww... shucks.

  • from Frizz, who blogs over at Frizzelstix and creates the most adorable illustrations and embroidery

  • from Sarah, of Life in Sarahland, who I recently worked with on a (cough) top-secret embroidery related project

  • Also, from the lovely lady at needled who has a wonderful, thoughtful blog with amazing knitting and crewel work, and can I say, she can really rock a knitted dress!

I hereby bestow unto the following 12 people the "You Make My Day" Award:

  • doe-c-doe - this new blogger has a super-delightful blog with beautiful photos and generous freebies of all kinds. A truly sweet person and wonderful blogger.

  • Stitchy Britches - she's clever with a needle and no slouch at puns and wit. Visit her blog, it's a fun place to be.

  • Minderjahr - I don't speak a spot of German so thank God there's an English version. Her sweet creations look lovely in any language, however.

  • Syko - Kajsa's work is so unique, sweet, and beautiful. I can't help but smile every time I see her blog.

  • WIP - Carol does it all - quilting, embroidery, sewing, home business, part-time work, full time mom, and she's witty, kind and generous. You rock, Carol.

  • Geninne's Art Blog - Geninne is such a talented artist and crafter - go check out her watercolors, they're incredible.

  • Softies Central - I've met Terry in the flesh and she's even sweeter in person. I'm in her debt for introducing me to some wonderful crafters and she's always featuring something cute and unusual on her blog.

  • Lindamade - Linda is a truly gorgeous person, fellow Texan, and has a unique, killer sense of fashion. And she knits a mean hat.

  • Wee Wonderfuls - Does this woman EVER stop creating? I know you've visited Hillary already today, but do it again - I'm sure that in half an hour's time she's managed to craft circles around all of us...

  • inside a black apple - Emily is so creative, innovative, beautiful and unique. Another woman who was endowed with infinite artistry and craftiness.

  • Carina's Craft Blog - there's always something, bright, colorful and amazing in Carina's world. You can cure some winter blahs this instant by visiting her.

  • Early Bird Special - Amy is a fellow Sublime Stitching devotee and a goddess of onesie embroidery. Be sure to visit her store if you know a tot in dire need of cuteness.

Random Acts of Kindness Award

Also, my stitchy friend Drewzel, (of the aforementioned Stitchy Britches and at Clever with a Needle) honored me with a Random Acts of Kindness Award. Jeepers.

So to the following 3 people I bestow the "Random Acts of Kindness" Award:

  • Sweet Bee's Vintage Finds - Rebekah has spent untold hours scanning vintage patterns which she offers up for free on her blog. Check out her blog, and pass on the good craft karma!

  • Old School Acres - Every time I visit this lady, she's giving away one of her amazing creations. I've always thought the highest form of art is made by artists who freely share their inspiration with the world.

  • Hodge Podge Farm - Cal not only has the cutest name (wouldn't you kill to be name Cal Patch?) she's also a wonderful seamstress, embroiderer and crafter who shares her skills teaching classes, being kind to other crafters and otherwise making this world a happier, craftier place.

And to all of you I didn't mention, please be assured it is only impending carpal tunnel which keeps me from typing the names of every last one of you. Everyone who visits my blog, leaves a comment, sends an email - you all Make my Day!


Geninne said...

Thank you so much for the award, you make my day too :)
Thank you for posting those great Pearl Paint pics, it brought back so many memories, I used to go bananas in that place :)

Soie Belle said...

Hola! I've just discovered your lovely blog. Beautiful embroidery work!

Carol said...

Thanks Flor...you made my day:)

Early Bird Special said...

Thanks, Flor! This little shout out really made my day. *virtual hugs*