Tuesday, February 5, 2008

the snow when it is freshly falling

I prefer the snow

Yesterday was a bit hectic - I had a lot of work to do and no time to paint. The highlight of the day, however, was the morning when the air was deliciously damp and soft clumps of snow fell on me the entire way to work. When I first moved to New York I was under the mistaken impression that snow fell constantly - in reality it's quite rare - and so it's always majestic to me. And yet snow's no picnic when it turns into slush on the ground - as my little sketch says, I prefer the snow when it is freshly falling. :)

Day 6 of Sketch 365: with a little watercolor

Today I dotted this page with little pencil sketches I went over with watercolor. I wasn't sure what I was going to draw at first, until I wrote the following line at the top of the page:

I don't like

I'm really bad at eye contact, and I didn't even know it until late in high school when a teacher pointed it out to me. Since then I notice it a lot - I'm one of those people who looks down when they pass you in the street, or nervously adjusts their gloves in the elevator. When I have speeches to do or I'm meeting someone for the first time it's much easier - I just do the opposite of what feels natural - it's an odd, mind-over-matter process... I guess eye contact, to me, is a very intimate thing and I'd rather share it only with the people I'm closest to, only then does it feel right...

Yesterday as I got off the muggy train a man played "a few of my favorite things" on the saxaphone and the boredom of the evening ride seemed to completely dissolve. Maybe that's what I was thinking of when I jotted this down...
I like

Or maybe I was thinking of the quiet-looking young man who ate a sandwich on a park bench this morning, completely surrounded by tiny sparrows. He had a slightly guilty look on his face, (though we didn't make eye contact) which let me know he'd been sneaking pieces of lettuce to them... :)

I've been meaning to ask - do you miss my crafts? I've been enjoying painting so much that I've let the embroidery and sewing take a backseat... but I do have a little something you may see soon! :) P.S. - I've added a poll in the sidebar because I'm curious about what you want to see more of... So, check off as many topics as you want, and I'll know what I should add soon! :)


Scotti said...

Hello, I have been a lurker at your blog for some time now and today decided it was time to comment. Yes, I do miss your amazing embroidery and stuffies. I was blown away by your Frida doll. That said, I am enjoying your paintings every bit as much. I find your blog to be both inspiring and calming for me. I have been going through a very painful breakup with my partner of 13 years and your optimism and creativity, as well as your outlook on life, has been soothing to me over the last few months. Thank you, Scotti *^_^*

Jenne said...

I agree, I really do miss your crafts, but your style and optimism comes through in your other art and writing too, which is what makes your blog so very appealing. :)

g said...

I love the mix of creative projects you show - I never know what I'm going to find when I come to your blog, although I do know it will be thoughful & lovely to look at!

anyjazz said...

This is lovely stuff. I saw the sketches first on Flickr.