Sunday, February 17, 2008

Siegfried modifications, sleepy Sundays


It's been awhile since I visited Siegfried - his circular shape was tough to frame, so I decided to stick him in an embroidery hoop. The problem was... the 8 inch hoop (above) was a little too big, and the 7 inch frame was a little too small. :(

I used the 8 inch hoop and painted a dark brown circle all around Siegfried:

And I hated it! I played around, doodling and painting but felt very blah about all of it:

I ended up making a huge mess and poor Siegfried looked terrible! So I took a break, had some tea, and felt a bit sorry for myself. I switched Siegfried to the smaller hoop, cleaned my brushes and palette and painted all over the red:

The new color just felt right - I liked the red but over the past few weeks I got bored with it. And now I like it so much better! I even painted the hoop - it was a cold day and on our way home from Sunday brunch with my boyfriend's parents we chewed on peppermint candies and looked up at the tops of old buildings. So even Siegfried took on a peppermint tone:
Siegfried currently...

What do you think? I love him so far, and promise I am almost finished. :) It's cold, wet, and gloomy out, so we're spending the night in, relishing the fact that there's a holiday tomorrow. Sundays are my favorite days in New York - Sunday mornings, to be exact. The streets are so quiet, and so few people are ever out. There's a pensive, silent mood that falls over everything, and in those brief moments before 11 AM I feel like I'm in another town, a manageable town that is nothing like this big metropolis. I love my quiet walk to church, and how there are always people waiting tensely outside the nearby bookstore, just waiting for the very second the doors are unlocked.

The church is a huge, grand place, nothing like the tiny chapels I was raised in. I think back and remember how sparse, how white, how bare they were (I suppose ornament of any kind was viewed as an affront to God). The older I get, the more I feel I don't have to be in a specific place to encounter God, but grand places do inspire me. And there, just like most places I am the definition of "shy" - only 1 person knows my name, and I really like it that way - I chalk it up to having been a minister's kid the whole time I grew up. More than anything, back then, I wanted to just experience things on my own, to feel like I wasn't being watched or held to an impossible standard...

Anyway, here's the comfiest part of my sleepy Sunday-before-a-holiday evening:
sleepy slippers

I get the best presents for Christmas... I've been skulking about in these slippers ever since. :) Well, friends, may your night be peaceful, calm, and grand. I wish you happy sleepiness and a good holiday (if you have one) and you'll be seeing more embroidery soon!

p.s. Someone was curious about the name of my favorite decrepit craft store in Chinatown... it's the Pearl Paint Home and Craft store. :)


Drewzel said...

Those slippers look gorgeous and comfy. Lucky you!
I can't picture a sleepy New York, but it sounds lovely!

PS. I was wanting photos of the aforementioned shop.

bratygrl1 said...

Where di dyou get those marvelous slippers? I must have a pair!

g said...

I think Siegfried looks so handsome with the blue background - the red scarf against the blue is really lovely {but its one of my favorite color combos so I might not be objective}. I also really like the stripes on the embroidery hoop, just enough detail...

Oh & the slippers are amazing - I could never actually use something that nice on my stinky feet though! Plus, I'd probably always be running into things because I was looking down at how cute they were!

Rebekah said...

those slippers are so darling!