Sunday, February 24, 2008

two donkey embroideries; brief summaries of goings-on

donkey 2 donkey 1

I was so excited to finally finish these little guys yesterday - I was so unhappy with the colors I picked before that I almost didn't finish them. That's the wonder of having a blog, however - knowing I have someone to show my work to, however small the project is, really inspires me to finish. :) I ended up with shades of pink and brown, but I think they worked out well:
cute donkey
donkey closeup

My weekend was so-so - the best part was falling in love with the snow that fell on Friday. I did a bit of sketching on Thursday, but wasn't as happy with these. I think I am inspired, however, to keep up with this outline and watercolor technique:

On Saturday we stepped out for breakfast at a local diner - on the way back I snapped these babies up for $10 at the Urban Outfitters:

Yes, I'm sure they'd be super-easy to make, but sometimes I just have to bite the bullet and actually buy something... :)

Speaking of clothes, I thought I'd share a snap of my beloved shoes, which I've worn all winter (eschewing all logical fashion rules):

Hoping your weekend was a good one, and hoping against hope that the Oscars gets more interesting. Will there ever be a funny one? I'm just sooo glad none of those cheeseball songs from Enchanted won. There is justice in the universe, if only for that... :)


kalurah said...

Those gloves are SOOOO cute!

Kat said...

I saw someone on the bus last night wearing those gloves. I assumed she had made them herself.

As to Enchanted, I have to agree. The songs seemed so foolish when you heard them and just awful when compared to the ones from the other movies.

Angela said...

those are the cutest little donkeys. i can't wait to show my mom your blog when she gets home!

g said...

Love the donkeys, love the shoes, love the it all!

Mary Corbet said...

Floresita! It's YOU! I'm so glad you have a blog. I didn't know! (I'm so slow!) I've been a huge fan of your patterns on flickr, but I didn't know you had a blog, too. I'm adding you to my list! I got here through various and sundry routes...!

Anyway, I LOVE the donkeys!

Chris Salley said...

Love your watercolor!!!

Alli said...

What a lovely blog! I can't believe that I just discovered it - I've seen your work on Craftster and have
always admired it.

I love your white shoes, especially in winter. Stylish people don't need fashion rules!

Sharon said...

Hi! Thanks for the comment! I love the donkeys, they're fab!
And the white shoes are great too!

Beth said...

The donkey embroideries are super cute! And I love the white shoes with black tights.