Wednesday, February 20, 2008

update on sketches

day 10 of 365 Sketch: today's painting

Here are today's lunchtime sketches. I used a Micron pen to do some quick outlines, then filled them in with my watercolors. I was in the rather boring staff cafeteria, with not much to look at, so I sketched a nearby trash can, red plastic chair, and sugar jar, then wrote underneath "everyday things of not much beauty." Oddly, I realized that after painting them, I did find beauty in their colors, lines, and everyday-ness. I also sketched a singular eye, then later an unrelated nose and mouth...

Then I sketched a female face near the words:
everyday things

Perhaps it's odd, but everytime I draw a female face from my imagination she looks sad or worried. I'm never sad or worried as I draw them, nor do I plan to make them sad or worried, but I do find beauty in their expressions... I really love this drawing, but her face isn't the most symmetrical or beautiful, so I enjoyed the unplanned irony of the words that sit next to her...

I wasn't a fan of yesterday's painting:
day 9 of 365 Sketch: yesterday's painting

I was in a crabby mood and I think that was reflected in these less than stellar efforts. :) Those two monkeys with hearts were a painting I was planning to give my boyfriend for Valentine's day but they never got past the sketch stage.

But I did enjoy this little chocolate-y brown monkey:
brown guy

Hope the cold weather is treating you well - it's freezing here! I'm getting rather tired of itchy tights, scratchy scarves, and skulking about in my wool coat, how about you? :)


Elizabeth said...

I really like both of your blogs. I have been reading this one for a while now and just realized you have another one with patterns on it. Now I have another blog to look at! I love your water colors and all the past embroidery posts. I just started a blog and have a few of my embroidery projects on there, if you would like to check it out.

Noble Beast Natural Market for Pets said...
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Kristin said...

absolutely beautiful - your style is so unique and so filled with personality. i always love seeing your work!


painted fish studio said...

i love your sketches! i really should try something similar over my lunch hour, instead of rotting my brain with gossip web sites...

and yes. i am sick of winter. so sick of it. today it took me 1 hour to drive 8 miles in 1/2 inch of snow. ARG.