Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bettas, shoe rehab, clothes woes, drawings

Some of you have noticed a lonely new betta in my Flickr stream, which I intended to blog about a few weeks ago. So here, a little bit late, is my latest fish rescue, who is currently nameless:


Why is he nameless? Well, when I bought this fellow some 3 weeks ago he was on his last leg (er- fin) at the pet store. Enter Weird Fact #1 about me - I like to buy sad, unhealthy looking fish at the pet store. It's weird. My heart goes out to them, I know they're about to die and I just want to give them a clean bowl to spend their last hours. However, what's happened the last few times I've done this is - they're so happy they live for a year or two! This little fish is doing much better now - he has a huge bubble nest and is eating like a horse. So now it's time to give him a name.

Some of you inquired about my shoe rehab, which I didn't thoroughly explain. "What's this?" Some of you may have wondered - "is Floresita also a part-time shoe cobbler? Or is she really a full-time elf, with all the necessary cobbler accoutrements?"

shoe rehab

Ok, I know none of you were actually thinking that, but I thought I'd throw it in to make this post more exciting. And to use the word "accoutrements".

In any case, my shoe rehab was easy because the shoes are made of thin, man-made stuff I could cut easily with scissors. I guess I'll have to reinforce the raw edges but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it... :)

Enter Weird Fact #2: I routinely cut into clothing or shoes I am unhappy with. Some people cut themselves, I cut my clothes. Less weird? You decide.

Onward to more wardrobe woes:
day 17 of 365 Sketch: dresses

Last weekend I had to shop for a dress to wear to my cousin's wedding. You may think I love to shop from the amount of clothing I draw but in reality I hate shopping. So Weird Fact #3 is as follows: I hate shopping. Like a cat hates a bathtub, people. I have a bizarre-ly proportioned figure so shopping makes me feel bad about myself. Above are a few of the kajillion dresses I tried on (I visited about 12 stores) and in the end I still found nothing. Lucky for me my boyfriend's brother has a sweet girlfriend who is lending me a dress. That cute little shirred black number on the right. Sheesh.

day 16 of 365 Sketch: monkeys

Weird Fact #4 - you already know about me - I have a monkey obsession. Drawing, sewing, and dreaming up monkeys is soothing to me. Who knows, one day I may even have a real monkey. But I suspect they'd be much harder to clean up after.

day 15 of 365 Sketch: more fashion mag sketches

Here are a few more sketches from magazines to show that I am keeping up with my 365 Sketch resolution, albeit at my own slow pace. Notice that lovely, warped, deformed, "I am Melting" face on the upper right? This brings me to Weird Fact #5 about me which is - I am okay with sharing my drawing mistakes with the world. No problem. Here they are, laugh away... :)

As you may have guessed already, I've been tagged for the 7 weird things post again, (this time by the lovely Amy of Early Bird Special) and since there are so many weird things about me to point out I thought I'd just do it again. :) So Weird Fact #6 is - I wore a size 8 women's shoe by the time I was in the 3rd grade. I was the tallest kid in my class until middle school so I've always had a complex about being a giant-sized, gangly monster. :)

And finally, Weird Fact #7 - When people say "my peeps" I imagine rows of bright-colored sugary candies. I do not eat Peeps but the very idea of Peeps makes me happy.... In the spirit of which, I leave you, my peeps, with the following Peeps photo and caption sent to me by a friend:

The inappropriate behaviors exhibited by the Peeps resulted in a visit with the University Librarian. In the photograph above the Peeps can be observed listening to a stern lecture on library behavior.


Hannita said...

Yay for a happy fish. Also? I like the melting face lady around the eyes and the hair framing.

Stitchado said...

your beta is looking very healthy and handsome, i love his colors.

i have a very fond memory of peeps, i remember buying them and taking them to school and eating them secretly during class, i still love them so much!

here are some very creative peep lover:

Stacy A. said...

Floresita, you are just too special. The more weird things about you, the more I like you. I am the same, I don't eat Peeps (unless I am really desperate), but I buy them anyway cause they are so cute! You are so cute with those fish. Maybe I should start bringing almost dead fish home. It can be like my service for the month, or year!
Love Stacy

painted fish studio said...

i'm so happy you save sad fish! i had a nameless goldfish for 6 years, and when he died i was never able to fill the hole in my heart... but maybe rescuing betas will help.

and i HATE shopping, too. i like new clothes, but the process of procuring them is a pain in the butt.

kerri said...

So nice that you're a fellow pet store rescuer. I used to work in a pet store and all the sickies (and babies) came home with me. It was like I was starting a pet store version of Winners.

The shoes are too cute!

Tamar said...

I must be weird too - your weirdnesses seem downright, well, RIGHT to me! Obviously we need to form the league of non-peep-eating peep lovers.

Okay, I'm off to rescue a fish...

Mariana said...

He's beautiful- like a sunrise over the Gulf of Mexico. Yes, that's it. Just like that. You are so special to rescue him. You're my hero and this is my first time to your blog!!

Oh, and Peeps are my favorite! UMM

Chris Salley said...

They saying "My Peeps" will never be the same for me.

I love your shoe rehab. I have chubby Flintstone feet.

Drewzel said...

The betta is looking very cute, and also quite fat :P

I'm also happy to cut up shoes and bags and stuff to make them more "me". You know, some sort of coloured embroidery round the edge of your trimmed shoes could be fab too.
And never pass by the opportunity to use the word accoutrements!!

I am guilty of using the word "peeps", but we don't have the sugary good ones over here...I may have to bribe you for a care package?

Alli said...

What a sweet betta! I had one for nearly four years; they make such great pets.

Sankari said...

Wow! i love your drawings. they are awesome! :D