Sunday, March 23, 2008

things I bought in Texas

inside the sampler kit

While I was in Texas, I snagged this sampler kit at the bookstore for only $5! I was doubtless the only person in the Rivercenter Mall that saw this kit and squealed, "Ooh! Samplers!" I thought it would be a great way to keep myself busy on the plane back to New York.

Inside are 3 cute old-timey sampler patterns, a motifs and techniques book, a wooden hoop, aida cloth, thimble, embroidery floss, and a big, dull needle.

I am such a slow cross-stitcher, and get bored and burned out with it very easily. Don't believe me?

This is all I did in about 4 hours of stitching (our flight was even delayed and I started in the terminal:

what I did on the plane

A weird and funny sidenote to that - I stitched while waiting to board the plane, with a big, dull needle. A woman sat across from me and stared intently at me - I just assumed she was a stitching fan. Anyhow, the minute I folded up my cloth and put away my needle to board the plane, she said, very loudly, "You'll have to check that needle at the gate." I smiled, looked confused, and said "Um, I've never had a problem with a needle before on a plane, " to which she very firmly and angrily replied "Those are the rules - you HAVE to check that at the gate." She repeated it a few times, equally loudly, and seemed about to report me to security. I was so confused and angry that I was about to throw away the needle just to get her off my case, when my boyfriend returned from the bathroom, asked what was going on, and very patiently took the needle over to the gate to make sure it was okay, which of course it was. To which the random woman replied, super loudly and forcefully, "I am so sorry - DO YOU ACCEPT MY APOLOGY?" When I didn't reply she again said "WILL YOU ACCEPT MY APOLOGY?!" I still have no idea what her problem was, nor did she even try to explain. I guess she was just the random rule police.

thread cutter necklace

One thing that is definitely not allowed on the plane are scissors, so instead of using my teeth again, I invested in a cute thread cutter. It's a very simple contraption and it seems impossible to cut yourself- you just slip the threads into the grooves to cut the thread.

It works really well and is even easier than having scissors. It also makes a cute pendant that I would actually wear. (I also scored that turquoise dress in Texas, for a whopping 14 dollars...)

Speaking of necklaces, I found a really fun one in Texas:

worry doll necklace

There's a string of small artsy stores on S. Alamo, just outside of downtown San Antonio, which is where I found this little gem - you need to see their sweet faces close up, to fully appreciate them... I love worry dolls, and I'd never seen them on a necklace before - there were 2 in the store, but I loved the bright turquoise and reds on this one.

I am so not a traditional gems and jewelry type of girl - expensive jewelry is offensive to me because I think it's a waste to spend a lot of money on trinkets. I love instead, little unique things like this, with a story and a memory behind them...

My only other "souvenir" from Texas was some delicious pan dulce:


I filled up a big bag, and comforted myself for a few mornings in New York, eating pan dulce with my morning coffee. That's about it for my Texas adventures... I'm feeling less glum now, thanks to your comments - it does make me feel better to know I'm not the only one missing family and home. The weather's improving and I really enjoyed Easter, even though there was almost no room at church for me. Hope you had a good Easter!


Mamameo said...

Pan dulce?! Yum! I'm missing the Cuernitos and the Empanandas! Love your purchases and how strange of a situation with that woman...

Linda P said...

yum! pan dulce! and the sampler looks really sweet.

Stacy A. said...

I can just picture that woman and the needle thing. One of those situations that makes you think you must be on another planet. Sometimes, when weird things like that happen to me, I stand there wondering if I am the only one that knows how crazy the world is LOL. Your worry doll necklace is adorable. I haven't see one of those forever. I used to have a few when I was little. I'm glad you got home safe. One time I brought a whole bag of fresh burro's home with me. I had 2 everyday for a week and they were delicious. Welcome home! Love Stacy

muralimanohar said...

Now you are making me miss Texas, and I haven't lived there since I was *five*, lol! But I've been remembering the kingsize Texas thunderstorms lately, and getting all homesick for them, and then you go and post about it! lol

mj said...

Did you know that embroidery scissors less than 4 inches are totally legit on the plane? I've traveled with them many times in my carry-on. Just probably don't try them overseas.

g said...

I love the way samplers look but I just don't have the patience. Luckily my sister does so she makes me things! I love the kit you found & you got quite a bit done - I'm impressed at least!

That whole situation with the needle woman was very odd...last year I flew with scissors in my carry-on no problem. The blades just have to be short {like mj said}...I checked the TSA website before leaving and was able to quote the regulations just in case anyone tried to take them away, but no one did.

However, I think I'd forgo the scissors just to wear that pretty thread cutter!

Stephanie said...

I got the mental picture with the needle random was that.

Gina E. said...

I have one of those pendant thread cutters, and it was very useful on the last flight I was on between states here in Oz. Nobody batted an eyelid at the needle in my kit, but the rotten sods took my NAIL FILE! Hell's Bells, what do they think a 5' tall woman is going to do with a bleedin' nail file...

claudia said...

i'm a pretty slow cross stitcher myself, i get tired easily with it.

i love all your purchases from texas. aside from all your loved ones i know now why you miss it so much.

i love when strangers try to set you straight and ends up backfiring on them... hehehe

Drewzel said...

Very restrained of you, I would have wanted to poke said needle up the woman's nose while asking "happy now?!!!!!!!!!"
Thread cutter necklace looks great with gorgeous blue dress, and whatever those foodie things actually are, well YUM!!

Ruby Khan said...

I bring a nail clipper when I'm stitching on a plane. The pendant is much lovelier, of course, but I figure I'd be packing a nail clipper any way, may as well keep it with the carry-on.